Monday, 14 December 2015


There’s a big difference between desired and ideal weight. Whereas desired weight can often be unhealthy, ideal weight is how much your body needs to weigh for optimal function. This only sheds new light on the latest trends which promote excessive weight loss, which is not necessarily the best option for a healthy body. While on one side excessive weight incurs the risk of obesity and all the accompanying conditions, including hypertension, diabetes, heart problems etc., on the other hand excessive weight loss is no less dangerous. After all, it seems that the rule of the “golden middle” is the best option you can get.

Although there are numerous charts and calculators to give you your ideal weight, this one has been specially designed by doctors and specialists. Plus, it’s really comprehensive as it includes several parameters, such as your body shape, age and height, to give you the ideal body weight. Best of all, this chart does not support or even promote unhealthy body proportions, but tells you how much you should weigh according to your specific proportions and age. See the chart below and find your own characteristics to see how close you are to your ideal weight:



But at midnight, Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them. - Acts 16:25
Paul wrote extensively about spiritual joy, which had been tested and proven in his life through the "fires" of beatings, rejections, and arrests.
As he sat in the Philippian jail, the apostle demonstrated what is possible for any surrendered believer: biblical joy through the indwelling Holy Spirit.
We can lose our gladness for several reasons:
• Wrong focus. Paul and Silas were able to praise God despite severe trials because they centered on Jesus. Concentrating on our difficulties will cause delight to disappear. Refocusing through praise will bring it back.
• Disobedience. Sin steals our joy because it separates us from the Lord. As we receive His forgiveness and obey Him, joy returns.
• Regret. We crowd out gladness when we continue to feel bad about past mistakes and failures.
Our Father wants us to believe that He forgives us (1 John 1:9). He also desires that we choose to live in His grace and move ahead.
• Fear. Too often, we attempt to live out the future before it happens. With so much outside our control, we become afraid.
Joy and fear cannot coexist. The Lord calls us to live by faith, asking Him to meet today's needs and trusting Him with the future.
• Someone else's suffering. How can we rejoice when others are hurting?
Romans 12:15 says we are to weep with them, but we are also to offer the hope of God's presence, power and provision. A downcast spirit is a poor witness for hope.
What excuse have you been using for your lack of joy?
Prayer: I bind and cast out anything that takes away my joy, in Jesus' name.
Scriptural Reading: Acts 16:16-34

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Prayer For The New Week

As much as God will make you blessings to others, I pray that you will never lack the resources to always go higher everyday in Jesus name! God will stand in for you where every hope has failed. You will never be disgraced in Jesus Name.
Your expectations for greatness shall come in double portion,I deeply pray that the sins blocking your miracles from you shall be forgiven you. Your prayers will not become an empty words in the ears of The Lord in Jesus name! God will give you the grace to fast and pray more than ever before. 

Happy new week folks!!!

Monday, 7 December 2015


But we have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us. - 2 Corinthians 4:7
A little girl was asked in her Sunday school class who a saint was. Thinking of the saints in stained glass windows, she replied, "Oh, those are the people the light shines through."
She was right. That is exactly what a saint is: someone whom the light shines through.
Jesus said, "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven" (Matthew 5:16).
According to Scripture, a saint is one who shines forth the glory of God. When the Lord Jesus rose from the dead and wanted to send forth the Good news to the world, He commissioned 12 disciples.
They didn't have modern technology to help them reach their culture, yet in a relatively short period of time, they reached their ancient world. And they did so primarily through word of mouth, person-to-person, telling others about Christ.
When we think of these great men of God, it is hard for us to think of them as human beings. But when we read their stories in Scripture, they are very candid and honest.
We see their shortcomings and missteps and even their sins. I think the reason for this is so we can see that God can do extraordinary things through ordinary people.
These men that God used were quite ordinary. They weren't superheroes. They were very human. God did not call them because they were great.
Rather, their greatness came as a result of the call of God. God does not call the qualified; He qualifies the called. God has already qualified you.
Are you willing to be used by God?
Prayer: Thank You Lord, for putting such treasure in this earthen vessel.
Scriptural Reading: 2 Corinthians 4:7-15

Relationship: 7 Sins That Can Cripple Marriages

Did you know there are sins that can cripple every marriage? Yes, there are.
You realize there are no perfect marriages because there are no perfect people. Right?
Let me repeat that. There are no perfect marriages because there are no perfect people. 
Every marriage will have seasons that are more difficult than others. I often encounter couples in our church that think they are unique. Because we tend to put on our happy faces at church, they believe theirs is the only marriage in a bad season.
In fact, I'm convinced not understanding how many couples have weathered through these rocky places in marriage may be a reason many couples give up on their marriage. If they understood how normal they are, they might be more willing to raise the white flag—ask for help—and work to restore the marriage. 
I have observed over the years there are some issues in marriages that, if not addressed, can be crippling to the marriage. These are the "biggies." They may manifest themselves in other ways, but if you could trace back to the origin, you would find these to be at fault.
And let's not sugarcoat. They are sins. We have all sinned. We all sin. Every marriage is comprised of two sinners. 
This is the real reason there are no perfect marriages. 
Left to fester on their own, these sins will eventually be the destroyer of the marriage or certainly keep it from achieving the oneness God commanded. 
So, what are these damaging sins? I'm glad you asked.
Here are seven damaging sins that can cripple every marriage:
1. Selfishness – Marriage won't work without mutual submission. Read Ephesians 5:21. Marriage is not a 50/50 arrangement. Ideally it's to be a 100/100 bond—where both spouses willingly yield their all. (I used the word ideal, because your marriage is not there and neither is mine.) When one spouse demands their way or will never work toward a compromise the relationship can never be all it should be. One person is happy—the one who got their way—the other is miserable.  
2. Discontent – I've said before—boredom is perhaps the No. 1 destroyer of marriage. There will be seasons in every relationship that aren't as "exciting" as others. Some days you will "feel" more in love than other days. But the key to a long-term relationship is a commitment beyond emotion. 
3. Pride – When one spouse can never admit they are wrong or see their own flaws, it opens the door for a wedge of bitterness in the other spouse. Pride is also destructive when the couple is too proud to admit their struggles or get the help they need. 
4. Unforgiveness – Holding on to past hurts not only damages the marriage bond, it destroys the person who refuses to forgive. Trust can't be developed until forgiveness is granted. Isn't grace received expected to be extended? 
5. Anger – The Scripture is clear: We should not go to bed in anger. There is a reason for that command. Anger is a wedge, one that only grows wider over time when not dealt with. 
6. Complacency – As soon as you think you're marriage is above the problems of other relationships, you're in trouble. The enemy loves to attack the unaware. 
7. Coveting – Couples who compare themselves to other couples will almost always be disappointed. There will always be people with more—and it likely isn't making them as happy as you think it does. Keep in mind, many times people disguise their struggles well. The couple you think has it all may wish they had what you have. Every couple is unique. Comparison only leads to frustration. 
Ask yourself this question: Which of these sins is most prevalent in my marriage today? Which is causing the greatest harm? Which of these, while it may not be an issue today, could become an issue if we don't get serious about it soon?
Be honest with yourself—and ultimately—with your spouse.

Prayer For The New Week

The Almighty God will never leave nor forsake you at anytime of your life. God will rewrite your story this month in Jesus name. The ground you walk shall produce Abundance, the sky above you shall rain down Blessings, the Breeze around you shall blow Peace and everything shall work well for you in Jesus name.
"And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will shew to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever. The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace."

Happy new week folks, from us ASB'sWorld.

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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Relationship: 8 Things You're Doing for Women Other Than Your Wife

"Is it possible that I could be doing certain things for the women I encounter each day, but I'm not
doing them for my wife?" 
The short answer is yes, but let's talk more about the reasons why this might be happening.
You don't need to read this article to know that marriage relationships are typically very strong at the beginning. The feeling of fresh love is in the air, the desire for intimacy is strong and the overall feelings from each spouse are mutual.
That's old news for most of us.
But here's where it gets interesting. Here's where the true challenge comes up in marriage. Ready?
Time. As time passes, things happen, stories unfold and the relationship takes its hits. Most couples can expect this, but few know what's actually happening or, worse, how to resolve it.
Here are 3 reasons why men start to take a back seat in their marriage and forget what is most important:
1. Routine. Routines in marriage are going to happen. It's inevitable. But the couples that are aware of it are the ones who have the best chance of survival. As time goes on and routines take more and more shape, it's important to not forget what is important to each spouse and take action in those areas often.
2. Assumptions. We all know the saying about assumptions, so I won't go there, but it does hold true. Newly married couples love to do wonderful things for their spouse, but after a few years, those things tend to fade.
Assumptions are different than routines. An assumption means you know what would be nice to do for your spouse and then assume they don't need it. Or assume that doing it last week was enough. What we need to do is assume that the love tank is always going dry and therefore always needs to be filled up!
3. A rough past. Rough circumstances in a marriage can be the worst effect of all. Routines can be adjusted, assumptions can take place because of a lack of understanding or communication, but a rough past can put a large "STOP" sign in front of any nice gestures to your spouse.
In other words, you know what your spouse needs, but you refuse to give it to them. Too many past issues have come up and too many are unresolved.
All of these scenarios can be resolved, but they can have some major negative effects in the meantime. One of the worst effects is doing things for other women that you won't do for your wife anymore, either by choice or simple neglect.
Because of the issues mentioned above, here are 8 things you might be doing for women other than your wife:
Let me also insert here that doing these things for other women is not wrong, because we should always strive to be respectful to all women. The issue is when you are treating other women better than you are treating your wife. Your wife should be getting this kind of treatment first and foremost.
1. Holding the door open. You may call it old-school or cliche, but holding the door open for your wife will mean a lot to her. Don't just step up when you see a stranger coming or a co-worker in need; make sure your wife gets even better treatment.
2. Thanking them for their help or services. It might be easy to thank the nice woman at the checkout line or even affirm a co-worker for their help, but your wife also needs to know her help is noticed and appreciated! Pay attention to what your wife does for you and speak up in thankfulness more often.
3. Valuing their choices and opinions. You may not always agree with your wife's choices or opinions, but as her husband, you need to take more effort in understanding why she might be making those decisions. Think about some recent conversations with other women. We're you more likely to agree or disagree with them? Be honest.
4. Admiring their beauty. When you are away from your wife, are you able to keep your eyes and heart in check? When you see an attractive woman, are you more likely to look away or look in places that you shouldn't? Those answers are for you, but I want you to consider why you don't look at your wife that way. Why isn't she your standard? Make her your standard of physical and emotional beauty, and you might have an easier time when you're not around her.
5. Thinking before you speak. When I'm at work and I need to approach a woman, I tend to think about my choice of words before I speak. And not only that, but I tend to choose my words more carefully during conversation. Is this the case with your wife? Strive to be a mature husband who thinks before he speaks.
6. Honestly listening. Staying in line with No. 5, listening skills are a must for a great marriage. Think about the last time you were with friends. Were you more likely to be rude and not engage in listening to the conversations? Or were you listening intently so that you would be part of the group. Well, make sure your wife is part of the group. Make sure you are paying attention to her words and responding to them, and not just waiting for your turn to talk.
7. Smiling. Yes, smiling. Around friends or even co-workers, I can find myself keeping a consistent smile on my face. Not to look weird, but to make the other person feel welcomed and comfortable. Do you do this around your wife? Think about keeping a smile on your face the next time you have a regular conversation with her. When she asks why you're smiling, tell her how much you love her!
8. Having fun. If I happen to be in a situation where I start running into the same woman day after day or week after week, I can start to get comfortable with her. Even if I don't know her, it becomes easy to say hi and then add some little jokes here or there. It seems harmless, but it starts to matter if you're doing it for them and not your wife. A good marriage can handle a little bit of joking and teasing (within reason). Have fun with your wife again this week.
Dig deep and make sure you are not treating other women better than your wife. Make sure your wife is getting the attention she needs from you. Take action this week.
Question: Which one of these steps do you need to take action on in your own marriage today?
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