Friday, 29 August 2014

Unblemished Sacrifice

Key verse: “Thou shalt not sacrifice unto the LORD thy God any bullock, or sheep, wherein is blemish, or any evilfavouredness: for that is an abomination unto the LORD thy God” (Deuteronomy 17:1).
There was a story about Robert Hartington of Leeds, a Cambridge graduate, who lived in a single room and cooked his own meals. Yet, he gave foreign ministries 500,000 pounds for a pioneer work of the gospel. He preferred to inconvenience himself, just for the salvation of souls. He later commented: “Gladly would I make the floor my bed, a box my chair and another box my table, rather than that man should perish for want of the knowledge of Christ.”
The consecration of this noble man of God of blessed memory summarises the expectation of God from the children of Israel and, by extension, to us, as regards worship. He expected then and now a wholesome and unalloyed sense of responsibility from His creatures in worshi p. Our worship and sacrifice should come out of grateful hearts.
It is sheer wickedness to forsake God in preference for other gods. Our sacrifice must be borne out of voluntary submission to the will and dictate of God. We should learn to take a moment to consider the frailty and brevity of life, and how our priorities reflect this truth. We must strive for a firmer understanding that anything outside the will of God will, one day, fade away. Any other “god” who receives our worship in the form of excess time, thought, energy, or resources will most surely be burnt and be swept aside. Neglect of God for earthly pursuit attracts heavy punishment. In our passage today, those who went after other gods were sentenced to death by stoning, after the confirmation of two or three witnesses.
When we refuse to accept the living God of the Bible, we become worshippers of various elements in life, such as money, worldly possessions and pleasures. God’s warning is clear and unmistakable about the fate of those who choose idol worship, who refuse to accept the established standard of His word.
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Nothing less than a living sacrifice is demanded.


For you shall go out with joy, and be led out with peace. 
Isaiah 55:12
Not only does God speak to us through His Word, and not only does He speak to us through people and circumstances, but God also speaks to us through His peace.
Colossians says, "Let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body; and be thankful" (3:15).
Another way to translate that verse is, "Let God's peace act as an umpire in your lives, settling with finality all matters that arise."
God's peace can act as an umpire in your life. He can settle with finality what you should do.
Here's how it works. Maybe you think that something is the will of God. Circumstantially, things have fallen into place. You begin to proceed, but then you have a complete lack of peace. Something inside of you is saying, "Don't do it."
The Old Testament tells the story of a clever group of individuals known as Gibeonites, who lived in Canaan.
God had instructed Joshua not to make any deals with the inhabitants of the land.
So the Gibeonites put on old shoes and clothes and pretended as though they had come from a distant country. They told Joshua they had come to enter into an agreement with him.
Joshua unknowingly struck a deal with his enemies because he failed to consult the Lord. Things can look good outwardly. Everything can seem right. Be careful. Learn to listen to that still, small voice.
Learn to pay attention to that peace, or lack of it, in your heart because that is one of the ways God will lead you.
When you're in the will of God, you will have His peace. All the ways of God are peaceful.
Prayer: Lord, teach me to listen to the voice of peace.
Scriptural Reading: Isaiah 55:6-13


Planning to make something different for your kid’s birthday? What about making a checkerboard cake which will make everyone wonder how you have made it! Well, it is pretty simple actually if you know the real trick. All you are going to need is some time to make this amazing patterned cake and a little patience till you see the result of your effort.
See pics below: 

The main thing you are going to need to make a checkerboard cake is cookie cutters specifically in different sizes. For example, you can start with four cakes which should be 6” round. You will need to level the cakes and then cut two circles from each layer. 

You can use a 2” and 4” cookie cutters to make the circles. The spacing of your rings depends on how perfect the checks are. To start with making this cake, you will need to use the smallest cookie cutter at first to cut the center of each cake. 

Remove the center and keep them aside. Now you have to cut the larger circles and make sure that the widths of all circles are exactly same as it will vary the squares of your checkerboard. Keep the larger circles aside and now it is time to assemble the circles. 

What you have to do is place the cakes alternately so that if the outer layer is the plain one, then the middle circle is chocolate cake and the center is the plain cake again. When you have assembled all four cakes then put them in the freezer so that they can firm up a little bit before stacking. 

To stack the cake circle, you can use a cardboard on the bottom and then use waxed papers in between the layers. You can start frosting once you are ready. For frosting you can use whipped cream of chocolate buttercream. The outer rings of your layers should alternate when you stack them. 

You can apply the frosting to cover the whole cake or make any designs of your choice by having some piping fun. Cut a slice and there you see the amazing checkerboard cake with perfect layer of frosting!

Source: &


That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death. Phil. 3:10
In today's society, "passion" usually refers to sensuality or sexuality. But the word's meaning an intense desire toward something or someone can apply to limitless life arenas, including spirituality.
Indeed, the one place passion ought to appear is in the believer's life: we should fervently seek to know the Lord Jesus Christ who saved us.
When we claim to know someone, we often mean that we've accumulated facts about the person or simply are aware of his existence.
Unfortunately, too many Christians "know" Jesus Christ in this superficial way. He is the world's Saviour, the virgin-born Son of God who accepted death in our place and then rose again to sit at the Father's right hand.
Those are the facts, but collecting and sharing data points will not bring lasting satisfaction. Who is this Jesus that willingly died? Why did He give His life?
The quest for these answers begins a journey to intimacy and true knowledge of Christ. By recognizing Jesus as our Saviour, we are blessed with redemption and a basic spiritual relationship.
But though we've gained heaven, we can miss the treasure of experiencing Christ as Lord.
Few people will delve deep enough into Scripture and spiritual intimacy to claim Him as their life as the One who makes believers complete.
The apostle Paul was so intimately acquainted with God that he viewed his own history and experiences as trash when compared with knowing Jesus.
If you want to thirst for Jesus as Paul did, only Scripture and your experience with Him can fuel your passion. Start by opening the Word and drinking Him in.
Prayer: Lord, I want to know You intimately. Open my eyes to see Your beauty and glory in the scriptures.
Scriptural Reading: Philippians 3:3-12


Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me. Psalm 23:4
In the Bible, valleys symbolize periods of hardship and suffering. The Psalmist evokes a particularly dangerous and painful image by referring to "the valley of the shadow of death".
In the midst of a poem meant to provide comfort and assurance is a cold reminder that spiritual valleys are inevitable.
But if we read only of green pastures and quiet waters, we miss the heart of Psalm 23 and a core truth about the believer's life.
The valley verse contains a promise not found among the lovely first lines. In hardship, believers discover "Thou art with me".
God's unwavering presence becomes most obvious to us when we are vulnerable. And along with our experience of His assurance and comfort comes the understanding that the Lord goes with us daily—even into the depths of our despair.
When people do not recognize His constancy, they turn to other coping methods, such as going to bars for a so-called "Happy Hour" or burying themselves in work.
But filled with the knowledge that God holds us no matter how deep or wide our "valley" is, we can release fear and endure suffering.
As the Good Shepherd, Jesus protects and guides His lambs through trials. Even in these low places, we cannot be snatched from Him.
His rod beats away predators trying to drag away one of the flock. And His staff's crooked neck pulls a wandering sheep back from the cliff's edge.
Prayer: Thank You Lord that You are with me even when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.
Scriptural Reading: Psalm 23:1-6

Thursday, 28 August 2014

When You See No Relief For Your Pain and Stress

I was just on Facebook and a friend had posted that people should have to pass drug tests in order to
receive welfare.
Then I sat down on the floor to fold underwear and was thinking about people doing drugs. (Us girls, we do tend to think on a round-about.) 

My thoughts went back a few months to April and May, when I would wake up in the night with intense grief and stress. (You could read more here about my goings on this last year.)

And how all of a sudden I had compassion for people who turn to alcohol when life gets hard.
Because sometimes your heart hurts so much it makes you feel wild and desperate for relief.
In those heart-pressing moments of grief I longed for anesthesia. But in reasoning through this, I concluded that followers of Christ do not anesthetize themselves.
We don't mask the pain.
When our hearts are at a level 10 on the pain scale, we scream out for comfort. We run to arms –to Someone.
How do you know God is real? many people ask.
I will answer –because on the blackest nights of my life I have had someone with me. I have found comfort in the tenderness, strength, and hope of the living God.
I've tried different treatments to escape pain in the past  like eating chocolate or going shopping. ("Retail therapy" my sister-in-law calls it.) I've tried putting in a chick flick to watch love and happiness. That's just the truth. But the chocolate gets swallowed. I shrink the new shirt I just bought in the dryer. The movie ends. All of these anesthetics wear off quickly, and then there is the stab of pain again.
But God's presence in suffering does not wear off. In fact, I am convinced that the Lord is a gifted artist in the way he comforts his people  surprising us individually with a balm of encouragement so intimate and well-timed that it feels like chocolate and a new shirt and a chick flick all at once.
It feels like being loved and cared for.
This is what waits for the raw heart that seeks God.
So I ask you  what pain/stress are you experiencing today, and are you trying to soothe it with anything inferior to the comfort God offers?


Barnabas wanted to take John, also called Mark, with them, but Paul did not think it wise to take him, because he had deserted them in Pamphylia and had not continued with them in the work. They had such a sharp disagreement that they parted company. Acts 15:37-39
Conflict in the workplace, in ministry, or even marriage is ‘,inevitable because you are working closely with one another.
God has wired each of us with different personalities that can view circumstances differently.
One person can see a situation and conclude something totally different from another.
There are times when conflicts just cannot be resolved. It doesn't mean that one person or the other is evil or sinful.
It just means that the difference of opinion or the personality clash has no solution.
We see an example of this in the relationship of Paul and Barnabas, two partners in Christian ministry who had a sharp disagreement regarding a young man named John Mark.
In Acts 15, we see that Barnabas wanted to take John Mark on a missionary journey. However, Paul refused.
John Mark had disappointed him once before and Paul didn't want to give him another chance. In the end, Paul and Barnabas agreed to disagree and to part company. Paul went one way; Barnabas and John Mark went another.
Sometimes, that's the only solution to a disagreement. There's a postscript to this story: In 2 Timothy 4:11, Paul writes from his prison cell in Rome and tells Timothy, "Get Mark and bring him with you, because he is helpful to me in my ministry."
Sometime after the disagreement between Paul and Barnabas, John Mark redeemed himself and became a valued partner in Paul's ministry.
Whenever there is disagreement, make sure to avoid personal attacks. This will allow you to disagree and still maintain your relationship.
Prayer: Ask the Lord for wisdom to handle conflicts.
Scriptural Reading: Acts 15:37-41

Monday, 25 August 2014


It is the joy of every child seeing their old parents living in harmony, relating as if they just married yesterday. Marriage is always sweet at old age especially when the couples maintain the integrity and standard of marriage. Before marriage grows old as expected, many waters might have passed under the bridge. The time of sacrifices are uncountable, what of several sleepless night due to one’s spouse behavior, the time you will go on compulsory fasting when you cannot put something on the table for your children to eat, the rolling tears when the challenge seems unending, threat of intruder is also there, families and in-laws disagreements are not left out, disappointment and heartbroken will also show up, fear of unknown future etc. likewise, we have time of joy and happiness. The experiences of marriage before it grows old is not always smooth, but if you can open your mind, it is a school of life that worth passing through.
One of the best legacy parents can leave for their children is to live in harmony till old age. Therefore, make every effort to see that your marriage work out. It is demanding but you can put in your best.
If you can endure so many things now, you will be praised by everybody especially your children when the time comes. If you have never been appreciated or recognized by your spouse before, keep doing the good work, your testimonies will surely attract standing ovation and you will be called out with your shoulder raised high. You can think of so many things you are passing through now, all are to make up your testimonies when the time comes.
Marriage is a beautiful home of two souls that are joined together in love, with the crown of victory worn over troubles and trials, and voices blend with the loved ones.
Marriage may grow old, but the love in marriage never grows old.
May the GOD of Heaven makes your children great in life and be the great reward of your marriage. May He make you and your spouse live long to gray hair to witness the joy of marriage at old age.

By Ojo

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Prayer for new week

This week our prayer is that you catch fish just like Jesus said to peter, May the Lord reward your labour with favour. You will not return empty. Receive a boat-sinking and net-breaking overflow divine favour in all that you do. 
God is breaking asunder every gates of wickedness, sickness, hardship, oppression and afflictions holding your life back. The Lord shall transform and restore your destiny, and move you forward to the original plan He have for you in Jesus mighty name. Enjoy your week! J

Happy New Week from us ASB-World. 

The 3 Passive Actions That Are Killing Marriages

"The heart of a man needs to be engaged; it needs to feel like it belongs and is understood."
Husbands are losing their marriages because they won't communicate. Wives are losing their marriages because they won't let their husbands communicate.
It's a vicious cycle that is killing marriages every day. It's part of a cycle that is creating passive and rejected men.

I've seen it first hand in multiple couples. Put them in a group of people and they'll talk a good talk, but put them in a room together, and the communication train derails almost immediately. He doesn't want to say anything to offend her, and she is waiting for him to say the wrong thing.

What happens next? He disengages and resorts to one of the following methods of passivity:
1. Sarcasm. Sarcasm used to be my second language. I would use it often as a way to get out of tough communication situations. I would use it just so I would have something to say in a conversation I wasn't comfortable in. It became one of the reasons for my near divorce early in marriage.
Sarcasm is typically an over-exaggeration of a comment or circumstance. It's a defensive method used to dodge the truth or accuse the other person, typically your wife. It can even come across as a joke. This is especially harmful in group situations. In order for a husband to feel better about himself and his personal issues, he may choose to make jokes about his wife to the other people around him. This builds him up and tears her down.
No marriage will last if sarcasm is one of the leading means of communication.
A great marriage will stay clear of sarcasm and seek to engage in meaningful discussions.
2. Silence. A silent man is a man causing a slow death to his marriage. Silence becomes the answer to a man's problem when he can't share his heart with his wife and be accepted. In other words, he can't freely share the issues on his heart without being torn down or disrespected by his wife.
How many times does it take for him to disengage? Not very many at all. In my personal experience in early marriage, it only took a few times for me to realize that it was easier to not tell my wife what was wrong than to actually tell her. The main reason this becomes an issue is because the wife thinks his issue is more about her than it is about him. Wives, please understand that if your husband has something to get off his heart, he needs you to listen and understand. You want him to be able to come to you.
No marriage will survive long with a silent husband.
A great marriage will allow for open and honest communication from both spouses.
3. Avoidance. Men who avoid interacting in their marriage are doing it for a reason. From long work hours to extra time spent with their friends, he is tired of spending time with his wife and will find any means to be away. These husbands need to rarely worry about sarcasm or silence, because they are always away.
Avoidance can be caused in many ways. I know men who work hard all day and then come home only to be drilled with things to do and a stressed wife. The mindset soon sets in that his hard work is not appreciated, and he can find appreciation elsewhere. This, of course, is one of the most dangerous forms of passivity in a marriage. Appreciation could be found by going to the local hangout, climbing the corporate ladder, or seeking respect from another woman.
No marriage will last when avoidance is the main goal.
A great marriage involves two people working and communicating together side by side. It involves trust.
How can you avoid becoming a passive husband and build a strong marriage? These two steps are not easy, but they are musts if you seek resolution:
First, if you fall into one of the three categories listed above, you need to invite Jesus into that situation. Get over your whole macho, "I'm a man, I don't need Jesus" delusion and honestly ask Jesus to enter that part of your life. Ask Him how to resolve your issue and how you can speak to your wife about it.
Second, after praying for some time, set a time to speak with your wife about the situation. Let her know that you've been honestly praying for some time about the issue and would like to discuss it with her. Lay out what you've been praying about and what's on your heart. Allow for some back and forth and then pray together at the end. Invite God into that situation, or situations if she adds her side of the story, and work on it each day from that time forward.
It's worth it, and you can do it.
Are you being passive in your marriage? Share your struggles in the comments section so that others can help. What are some ways you fight being a passive husband?


May the LORD our God be with us, as He was with our fathers. May He not leave us nor forsake us. 1 Kings 8:57
It is sad that even though there are many strong assurances in the Bible of God's abiding presence, angelic protection, and divine provision, too many of us still worry ourselves with many things.
Instead of affirming God's promises for our lives, we choose to meditate on all the evil that Satan could bring upon us.
How often have we missed God's blessing because we are so full of fear that there is no room for faith to appropriate God's promises?
Some of us wake up in the morning and set the wheels of worry rolling. Instead of setting our minds on the goodness of the Lord and what He will do for us, we cripple ourselves with fear and worry.
We make our burdens heavier and more unbearable with negative speculations and "what ifs". It is amazing the things we worry about: "Will my car make it to work? Will I get sick? Will I get fired?
Will I have an accident? Will I make it home again safely? Will my home be here when I come back? What about the children, my spouse?
On and on we go as we poison our souls and squeeze God out of the equations of our lives.
Just as faith will release the power of God to fulfill our desires, fear will activate the forces of evil to turn your worries into reality.
If you dwell on all the negative "what ifs", your worries will drive you into a state of panic. In that state of panic, you will begin seeing your fears come true.

You worry that you are going to get ill. The worry causes your stress level to rise, which in turn, brings on all kinds of physical symptoms that will eventually make you ill.
Today, make a choice to start a faith-filled life that is focused on the promises of God for your life.
Prayer: I reject the spirit of fear and embrace the spirit of faith.
Scriptural Reading: 1. Kings 8:54-61

His Fiery Judgment

Key verse: “Behold, with a great plague will the LORD smite thy people, and thy children, and thy wives, and all thy goods” (2 Chronicles 21:14).
Billy Graham told a story of how he was arrested on a traffic offence and charged to court. According to him, he pleaded guilty and the judge, who was though friendly, was embarrassed that Graham could commit such an offence. As he could not pervert the course of justice, because that would have been inconsistent with impartiality, the judge concluded that Graham must pay the penalty of the offence. While reflecting this from the scriptural perspective, Graham pointed out that inasmuch as God is a God of love, He is equally a God of justice, otherwise everything about Him would not be meaningful.
According to our text, Elijah, the prophet of God, equally revealed a God of justice, as He brought a damning judgement upon Jehoram, the wicked king. The charges against Jehoram were many: he departed from the good ways of God, which he was taught; he conformed to the ways of the house of Ahab; he set up and enforced idolatry in the land; he murdered his brethren because they were better than him; and unlike Ahab, when the threat of judgment came, he slighted the warning.
Bad men bring God’s judgment to people around them. This was what happened to Judah, as Jehoram’s sins brought calamities upon them. His wives, children, substance and the entire land of Judah suffered the consequences of his actions. Jehoram suffered the same fate; he was afflicted with a violent inflammation of the bowels until the bowels fell out.
On this wicked king, God brought His judgment. Jehoram, visibly cursed of God, was hated while he lived and neglected when he died.
The end of a sinful life is dreadful in this world; and a neglect of God’s warning will lead to an even more dreadful eternity in hell.
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: It is dangerous and damning to fall into the hands of the living God.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. 1 Peter 5:5
The eyes of LORD" is a theme running throughout Scripture. Take, for example, the familiar words of 2 Chronicles 16:9, "For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to give strong support to those whose heart is blameless toward him."
Obviously, God doesn't have physical eyes; God is spirit. He doesn't need physical eyes, because He's also omniscient. Nothing escapes His notice. He's aware of all things.
But though He's aware of everything, He's also searching for something in particular, something that acts like a magnet to capture His attention and invite His active involvement.
God is decisively drawn to humility. The person who is humble is the one who draws God's attention, and in this sense, drawing His attention means also attracting His grace   His unmerited kindness.
Think about that: There's something you can do to attract more of God's gracious, undeserved, supernatural strength and assistance!
What a promise! Contrary to popular and false belief, it's not "those who help themselves" whom God helps; it's those who humble themselves.
This is the promise of humility. God is personally and providentially supportive of the humble. And the grace He extends to the humble is indescribably rich.
As Jonathan Edwards wrote, "The pleasures of humility are really the most refined, inward, and exquisite delights in the world."
We want to position ourselves to receive and experience those exquisite pleasures.
Why don't you make it your goal to pursue the virtue of humility and therefore attract God's attention and favour?
Prayer: Thank You, Father, for Your grace to be humble.
Scriptural Reading: 1 Peter 5:5-11

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


There are two kinds of failures: those who think and never act, and those who act and never think.
Don’t be either. Great achievers think and act. Put your ideas into action! Take the first step, and then the next… Do something today! Be bold. Be strong. Step forward. Jehovah Almighty is with you. He will magnify your small steps into GIANT LEAPS!!

Monday, 18 August 2014

God's Heart-Felt Joy

TEXT: LUKE 15:1-10
Key verse: “I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance” (Luke 15:7).
There was this story of a man, who had no legs, but found joy to glorify God. The narrator said: “While walking along a busy street one day, I heard someone singing. His sweet voice was distinguishable even above the noise of the traffic. When I located him, I noticed that he had no legs and was pushing himself through the crowd in a wheelchair. Catching up with him, I said, ‘I want you to know, friend, that to hear wondrous songs from a person in your condition gives everyone else a lift.’ He answered with a grateful smile, ‘When I thought about what I had lost and began concentrating on all I had left, I found much for which I could rejoice.’
This is exactly the joy in heaven for a sinner, who has repented of his or her sin. From our text, Jesus Christ promptly responded to the bigoted but ignorant religious leaders, who thought He was doing wrong by coming close to sinners. Rather, He made it clear that what was paramount in the heart of God and in the kingdom of heaven is that sinners repent.
For a single sinner who repents in a corner here on earth, his or her neighbours and friends may not be aware of his decision, but the whole of the kingdom of heaven is rejoicing that this sinner has repented. Those friends, neighbours, relations, spouses, classmates or business associates who later begin to see the manifestation of repentance in the former sinner may disdain him for his new decision. They may persecute or rail at the new convert, but heaven is already rejoicing over him.
Religion without conversion is therefore worthless and empty. It is an exercise in futility. Heaven is sad that majority of people are on the path of perdition. Do you want to gladden the heart of God? Do you want heaven to rejoice over you? Repent therefore and be converted. Do not care about what people do or say to you.
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Seek to cultivate things that will bring joy to God.


If you love baking cakes for your friends and family but don’t get much time to decorate them by following long processes then one great solution can be decorating them with kit kat. Kit kats not only set well with the taste of many cakes but give them a neat look too in no time. The options to top the cakes after covering their sides with kit kat can be smarties, chocolate truffles, candies or anything that you find tempting. Like this idea? See more photos below and Enjoy!!! souce: &


Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. Ephesians 1:3
To be a child of God is to be a blessed person. When we make Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour, we enter into a covenant relationship of blessing with God.
This is blessing we receive as a result of our relationship and not as a reward for our efforts. In Christ Jesus, we inherit divine blessing through grace.
• Our blessing covers all things: God has made provision for everything we will ever need and has prepared resources for these needs in advance.
For every challenge that will ever face us in life, the Lord has provision ready and waiting.
• Our blessing is spiritual:
God's provision for us starts as a spiritual reality which we must believe for and pray into manifestation in the natural realm at the appropriate time.
• Our blessing is in heavenly places:
God's provision for us is based on His resources in heaven. He is not limited by our earthly limitations and so we can trust Him for supply even when our earthly circumstances appears hopeless.
• Our blessing is in Christ:
God's provision is available because of what Christ accomplished through the sacrifice of His life on the cross and His ongoing ministry as our High Priest at the right hand of the Father.
It is only in Him that we are able to fully lay hold on all the benefits the Father has made available to us.
Prayer: I thank You Heavenly Father, for all the many blessings You have prepared in advance for me this day.
Scriptural Reading: Ephesians 1:1-14

How to Have a successful Marriage

A soul-mate marriage does not at all mean that you have found someone you match up with on all the
cards – on all the issues, on everything. That would be the most deadly dull thing to even imagine. Instead, it means you've found someone and they don't ever want to blow out that little light inside you. And you feel the same way about them.
Growing up, seeing my Dad and Mum play the happy couple, holding hands, stealing kisses, made marriage look so easy and beautiful. Hummmm for where?
Don't get it twisted, I saw them argue and quarrel as if they couldn't stand each other, but the next minute, they were back to their normal routine of holding hands and stealing kisses, even till my father passed at 97.
Parents shouldn't really worry that children never listen to them, they should worry that they are always watching them. I always had my reservations about 'happily ever after' especially after 3 failed marriages. I always wondered how two strangers can be together for 40 yrs, and guess what, I just woke up to discover that I have been with the same woman, the same smell, the same routine for the past 36 yrs, damn! Someone form another background, home training, different ideology, IQ, so many things different, if not all.
When you are not yet married, people give you reasons why you should get married, as if one could just go to the shop and pick a spouse off the shelf. Even if that was the case, how do you know what you are buying until you take it home? They tell you everything good about marriage and how interesting it can be, but they never promote the down side. “Just marry the right person” is what they always say but ‘right’ itself is relative. Who is the right person? Dem never born dem joor. In my village they will always say, if one waits to marry someone like themselves, they probably will wait forever.
Sometimes I think my wife is too good for me and some other times I feel I should have done better.
Get it straight, marriage is no fairy tale. Marriage isn't supposed to make you happy - and satisfied. It's your job to make your marriage happy - and satisfying. Same goes for sex. It isn't supposed to make you passionate and "hot". It's up to you to make it passionate and "hot" - and intimate. I see people getting married every weekend and I wonder if they know what they are getting into. So many are consumed by just wanting to get the title, some by the ceremony, others think it’s a safe haven. As usual most of us don't want to do the job, we want it so easy. Hmmmmmmmm, see gobe!
The first time I got married, I guess my head was filled with assumptions of what marriage should be like; of-course I was immature and an armature. However, it wasn’t what I had assumed and so it failed. The others too didn’t work out because maybe I wasn’t psychologically and mentally prepared for the mess, crap and bullshit in marriage.
I’ve been married to my wife Lady Diane for years and the seeming success of our marriage maybe as a result of my experience from my other broken marriages. Let's tell it as it is, marriage is somewhat putting up with a lot of crap and bullshit, and we must have a strong stomach for that. The word 'marry' is fusing two imperfect things together; so how is it possible that two imperfect things are merged? I guess it just means two people willing to be in a mess together, constantly finding a way out.
When asked my secret of love, being married for over 36-years to the same person, I say, "Diane and I are happily incompatible and I have learnt to live with that. She is an extrovert and believe it or not, am an introvert regardless of how I put out as Charles.
The most important marriage skill is listening to your partner in a way that they can't possibly doubt that you love them. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand. It was when I released that love was forbearance that I had a successful marriage. Both parties have to know and have that. You bear and you keep bearing and you keep bearing. To be a bearer you must be a forgiver, sometimes no apologies rendered. Oooops! Yeah, that’s marriage.
Rice can never be beans and beans can never be rice, if you like cook them in the same pot they will always be different. They’ll still perform their different functions, what you will get is a different taste from the mixture. That’s marriage, what you get is not as a result of only you anymore but a mixture of two. You've got to take it as it comes. What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with each other's incompatibility.
Marriage is usually a disaster when so many things take the partners by surprise, when things don’t turn out as assumed. The good always comes with the bad, so it is with everything in life, marriage inclusive. Any fool can have a trophy spouse. It takes a real man to have a trophy marriage. I bet that getting married is a way to show family and friends that you have a successful personal life. It's like the ultimate merit badge. My late father stayed married to my mum for 60-something years. Looking at my stubborn mother, he must have been willing to stomach a lot of crap, but am also aware that my mum swallowed lotta bullshit too. 
Lastly have Jesus in your home, Jesus is a good director to every successful marriage.
By Charcles

Prayer for new week

May your doors of success be always open to you, May you see opportunities where other people see
troubles, May the Lord's presence never hide from u, May He grant all the desires of your heart.
Because of you, your family is blessed. You will always stand and not fall.
Abundant wealth and good health shall be your portion now and always in Jesus name.

Happy New Week from us ASB-World. 

Saturday, 16 August 2014


Frosting Cupcakes
To frost cupcakes like a pro we have brought for you this easy technique that is as easy as winking. All you need to do to is to put a piping bag with your favorite nozzle tip in a glass as shown. 

After that with the help of a paint brush, paint strokes of gel food coloring inside the piping bag and then gently fill it with whipped cream or white frosting. Then comes the fun part where you can create patterns on top of the cupcakes and the color strokes inside the piping bag will do their magic. For  details visit chica and jo.

decorator’s icing recipe:
  • One 2lb bag of confectioner’s sugar
  • 2/3 cup shortening
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • approx 3/4 cup water
Add sugar, shortening, and vanilla to the bowl of a stand mixer (I absolutely can not live without my KitchenAid – especially for icing!). Add about 1/2 cup of water and begin mixing on slow speed. Add additional water as needed until the icing is the texture you like. Be careful not to add too much at once! (If you do, just add more sugar). Finding the right texture takes a little practice; too thin and your decorations won’t be firm, but too thick and you won’t be able to squeeze it out of the bag. See pic below:

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Steadfast, Even In Pain

TEXT: JOB 27:1-10
Key verse: “My righteousness I hold fast, and will not let it go: my heart shall not reproach me so long as I live” (Job 27:6).
The great missionary statesman, Adoniram Judson, admonished: “The motto of every missionary, whether preacher, printer, or schoolmaster, ought to be ‘Steadfast for Life’.”
That, exactly, was Job’s conviction. He had suffered terrible troubles, which he supposed God was the cause. Job was a genuine child of God and he promised to speak the truth. In spite of his predicament, Job still trusted God. His friends, however, insisted that he was suffering because of his evil deeds, which Job argued to the contrary. He did examine himself and was sure, beyond doubts, that he did no wrong to warrant his friends’ castigation and misfortune.
Remarkably, he resolved not to yield to the temptation to voice out wicked or deceitful words, which could prove his accusers right. He also resolved to guard his integrity jealously, clinging tightly to his righteousness and permitting no reproach in his life. Whatever his detractors might say, he was ready to shun all forms of hypocrisy. He was certain that, if he compromised his integrity, God would not hear his prayers, as a prayer of a sinner is an abomination unto Him. God would not provide for, nor preserve the wicked, but He would rather visit him with weeping and death.
Job had a clear conviction of where he belonged and where he was going - heaven. Some Christians today, instead of holding on to their integrity, would rather compromise their faith. They forget that they have been cleansed and saved from their sins. Therefore, they should not trifle with the righteous life, which God has given them. Whatever your situation in life, if God has made you righteous, treasure it more than anything else. Wealth, fame and commendation of men will all die with men on this earth, but it is only righteousness of life that will transport a person from earth to heaven. Be wise, therefore, and remain steadfast in the faith.
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Behind Calvary’s cross is the throne of heaven.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The 6 Weakest Excuses Christians Use to End Their Marriages

Ben and Marie (not their real names) have been together for 12 years, and they have three children. Their marriage was never perfect, and their arguments never stopped mainly because they never had enough money to pay their bills. In the end, Marie decided to end the marriage simply because, she claimed, God "told her" to divorce. A few months later, God "told her" to move in with another man.
The church today is full of stories like this. While there are certainly justifiable and biblical reasons for ending a marriage, way too many believers are taking the easy road to divorce and paving the way for others with their bad examples. This has become a special problem in some charismatic circles, because we believe in hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit. Today, it's convenient to blame the Holy Spirit for our bad choices by saying "God told me to do it."

Here are the six most common bad excuses I've heard recently from people who chose the easy road to divorce instead of the narrower path to healing:

1. "We never should have married in the first place." Couples who are in love can make foolish decisions, for sure. Some hurriedly elope without any pre-marital counseling, while others aren't financially ready—so marriage becomes a nightmare of stress and unpaid bills. Once you choose to marry, you must assume the responsibility of adulthood. Grow up and accept the consequences of your choices. If you shirk your responsibility now by bailing out, you will end up running from maturity the rest of your life.
2. "Our families don't get along." I recently learned that a young man who had been married for two years—and gotten his wife pregnant—decided to leave the marriage because his parents never liked his choice for a wife. That's ridiculous. A marriage is not between families—it's a unique relationship between a man and a woman. Genesis 2:24 says a man should "leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife." Married couples who allow parents to control their marriages are headed for disaster.
3. "We've grown apart." This is a classic line, but the accurate translation is: "I'm copping out." It is also an indication that your connection with your spouse is based more on fluffy romantic feelings than a solid covenant commitment. Satan loves to divide—and he will use suspicion, mistrust, anger, bitterness and abusive words to create a toxic environment in your home. Don't give the devil this opportunity (see Eph. 4:27) by listening to his lies. Jesus can reconnect what you've allowed to drift apart.
4. "We argue too much." That's a lame excuse. Many married couples in the Bible had frequent disagreements—including Abraham and Sarah, the father and mother of our faith. Arguing is actually healthier than burying your emotions—as long as you know how to resolve a conflict and let go of anger quickly. If you and your spouse argue constantly, it could be a sign that you don't manage stress well or that one or both of you need some new communication skills. Finding a new spouse will not fix your problem if the problem is you!
5. "Counseling didn't help." I'm a big believer in marriage counseling, and estranged couples should always pursue counseling before calling it quits. But if your marriage has been in trouble for years, three one-hour sessions with a pastor will not fix your problems overnight. Counselors are not magicians. Be patient. If your marriage is in shambles, it will take some time to repair it. It may take months just to clear away the debris before you can rebuild.
6. "God told me to marry someone else." This is the most laughably absurd excuse I've ever heard, but even preachers have used it. One California minister divorced his wife and married another woman within a week because "God said to." It's sad that God gets blamed for such foolishness. If you ever think God is telling you to do something that clearly contradicts the Bible, you are under the influence of a deceiving spirit. Please humble yourself and get help immediately.
If you are having marriage problems, and you think divorce is your only option, stop everything and take a deep breath. Go slow. Before you race to open the escape hatch, or seek to justify your exit, ask God to give you His counsel—and seek help from friends.
While there certainly can be situations where divorce is inevitable, don't assume this is your only option. The Father's love and mercy may surprise you.

Relationship: How to Finally Win the 'Blame Game' in Your Marriage

Chances are you both are responsible for your marriage issues. Now, stay with me here.
My wife and I struggled for years when it came to our marriage issues, especially when it came to God. 
Sunday morning is a great example. We would wake up Sunday and ask if church was on the schedule or not. I'd deflect and ask what time it started. She'd deflect and ask what else was going on that day. In short, we would "excuse" ourselves out of going to church. Then we would lie in bed, not helping our marriage and slowly destroying it. And for what?
As a changed husband looking back, I had to ask myself some hard questions. There may be some hard questions you need to be asking in your marriage too. How could I have approached situations differently? Was I really being the spiritual leader? Was I really loving my wife by giving in to laziness and fear?
What questions require honest answers in your marriage?
Let's look at a few more scenarios ...
You want to lead in your marriage, but instead of getting or asking for help, you hope the regular Sunday morning message at church will hold the answers you seek. Maybe.
So things are really rough in your marriage, and the only thing you do is pray. I am a firm believer in prayer, but I also believe that God has given certain people specific tools to use and help marriages grow. Don't stop praying, but get off your butt and get some help from a counselor, mentor or pastor.
Say you're dating this wonderful girl, and you're thinking about marriage. That's great, but the problem is you live together and continue to have sex. Who's fault is it? I'll say it's both partners' fault. My advice to the men is to step up and stop. Don't wait for her to stop, be honest with her and let her know your heart. Wait for marriage. Trust me, it's possible and it's worth it.
So how can you lead? How can you stop blaming your spouse for all the issues and start taking responsibility in an effective and safe way?
Here are 5 questions you need to ask yourself:
1. Am I honestly doing everything I can to lead?
2. Have I communicated my feelings honestly to my spouse?
3. Have I honestly been praying about the situation on a daily basis and seeking God's direction (not your own).
4. Have I honestly and maturely discussed the situation with a church elder,  pastor, a friend, a mentor or a marriage counselor?
5. How long have I been passing the blame onto my spouse, when the issue is really mine to take care of? 
Carefully consider the questions above and start making big changes in your marriage or relationship today! That's right, don't wait any longer!
Have you experienced this in your marriage or relationship? What are some ways you and your spouse effectively communicate with each other and throw water down on the blame-game fire?
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