Wednesday, 27 November 2013


 Your dressing says a lot about you. As a matter of fact, it helps us tell a bit about an individual's mental status...If you wear summer clothes in winter, you will be considered mentally unstable. I have also heard this line "dress the way you want to be addressed". I am hoping that you will add your dime and nickel on this. However, if I do not get any response, I will still put what was laid on my heart on this page.

A lot of single women dress to look good for themselves and some others to gain attention. If you are single and you dress to get attention, if your cleavage is not leaving anything to the imagination, where is the place of dignity? If your skirt or dress is so short that your decency runs the risk of exposure to all and sundry if the wind blows, what does that say about your level of decorum?

I have seen married women who show cleavage, all in the name of "still there". Some expose yammy, fatty legs because they still want to "feel among" or considered "being in the market" which of the markets please?. For non Christians maybe it is ok, but if you are a Christian woman and you think you have to flaunt it because you've got it, other men find it disgusting and distracting, so help people to focus by dressing with respect for yourself  in mind.

In the secular world where everything goes, there are standards when you are to attend an interview. You are told to dress in your sunday best, conservative and not to be overly loud, revealing or inappropriate at all. If the people of the world understand the place of decency, what excuse do you have as a godly woman to dress provocatively?

There is a show of dressing for every occasion, if you wear a skirt suit to a club house, you are likely to be out of place, and also if you wear a jogging suit to a black tie dinner you are likely to be denied entry. If you will not go to a corporate meeting in your t-shirt and shorts why would you go about dressing in ways that will not glorify God in your life. A very close darling sister of mine bought cargo Capri pants some years back. She got her size and did not bother to check the style, well, they were low rise and she was so scared the pants were going to fall off at a point when she went out. When you buy low rise pants and your panties show when you bend down, what message are you sending out?

As a married woman the only time you are allowed to wear skimpy, revealing clothes is when you are at home with your husband! A man of God, Pastor Sam Adeyemi said in a message one time, "some women dress to kill, so make sure you dress to kill your husband before he goes outside and sees those women". Our home is where we fail to dress appropriately at times. Your husband should be the number one person you dress to kill! Every man would like his wife wearing skimpy, revealing clothes at home to please him. Please tell me if am wrong all ye men. A personal example, I like wearing t-shirt and lounge pants when at home because they are comfortable. My hubby came in one day and he said; "what's up with you and this velour all the time?" I made sure he never repeated that statement. Throughout the warm months, I ensured I wore skimpy skirt/shorts any time he is at home.

When we were growing up, you are never to wear your native attire without a proper under wear that covers you up nicely. These days with organza lace showing everything you find a lot of women who wear nothing to cover up under the net laces and so on. If a man wore lace with big holes in those days, you were boxers, but now, men and women alike, everybody is attempting to outdo the other by taking outrageous to a whole new level! Life happens and we get busy with more important things that wearing skimpy skirts and stuff. However, we owe it to ourselves to appear decently in or outside our home. For the single ladies you can dress appropriately and still turn heads. It is not the exposure that attracts the right people, it is much more than that; comportment, appearance, cleanliness and so on. Dress the way you would like to be addressed. It may be fashionable to dress exposing yourself, it is not godly or decent to dress revealing your breast and exposing your thighs!

So is it only women that do not dress appropriately you ask? Well, some men do not dress well too, you are constantly wearing a t-shirt with frayed collar and your wife tells you but you do not listen because you have been dressing before she was born.

A lot of young men get into trouble because of where they place their pants. It does not look cool to sag your pants, please pull them up! Do you wear clothes that are too big, too tight or unnecessarily expensive so you can come across as cool? As a matter of fact when you dress the wrong way it send out a wrong message to those who see you. I was at a conference not too long ago and I noticed a man come in looking like a magician because of the loud way he dressed. My days as an undergraduate gave me the opportunity to see some kind of dressing that I pray I do not see again, some as a result of poverty others as a result of lack of exposure. Regardless of your state in life, your appearance says a lot about you.

Bible-reading; 1 Timothy 2:9 "in like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing". Blessings. By Omo Ishow


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