Friday, 29 November 2013

WITH THE SAME MEASURE (expect harvest)

Saturday November 16, 2013 will remain forever fresh in my memory...why? It was such a delight to see God fulfill His word in ways beyond what my little brain comprehend. Mothers Summit is a vision that God gave my mentor, Rev. Mrs Funke Felix-Adejumo, I cannot but be fascinated at the zeal and enthusiasm with which this woman travels around the world encouraging mothers to pray for their seeds. This woman sowed seeds of faith, Christian and godly conduct in my life as an individual about 20 years ago, and I cannot thank God enough who caused my path to cross hers.
Where are you in life? What difference can you make in the lives of those around you? Do you procrastinate about the things you need to do today to make a difference? Do you count the cost too much to make a difference? God is a God of principles and He will honor His principles in the life of whoever follows them. Obedience is the shortest way to blessings. What are you measuring out? Goodness, kindness, love and support are fast becoming scarce even at the altar where everyone has become a hoarder and hugger. A man of God says; "you cannot be a star forever" that does not mean your star will grow dim but in the face of age, natural decline etc, you are not likely to be able to do the things you do in your stride today the same way in another 30 years no matter how strong you are. Are you measuring out anything to bless others? If you help fan someone else's fire to flame, be sure there will be someone else waiting to help you blossom. 
We prayed some dangerous prayers at the Mothers summit, one of the prayers was that "our children will not marry their enemies", also, "that they will not marry our enemies". So if you are a daughter in-law and you have been an enemy, how do you reverse that prayer? The world runs on seeds and you cannot pattern the way you live your life after how someone else lives theirs. It is not easy to be on the receiving end especially if what is being dished out is not palatable. Whatever God does shall be, do you attempt to crush dreams, ideas because they do not originate from you? Do you compete endlessly because you too must be heard, seen even in your marriage?

Whether you are a man or woman, you do not need to make life miserable unto others. Ps. 133:1 "Behold how beautiful it is for brethren to dwell together in unity". How often do we neglect the way of peace if it does not massage our egos? When in the family, church or among friends, it is very easy to throw caution to the wind if we are not the centre of attention. The world is a great place when all works well around us but if for a minute we fail to get the desired result, our utterances change...hmm.
Luke 6:38b, For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.” In your relationship, among colleagues at work, among brethren at church, from your spouse or family members, what you dish out will be measured back to you. If you find it difficult to say amen, then you might want to watch your actions. If you are not worried but eager to say amen, keep the good work. 
Everything we do in life is a seed, when it germinates, it brings back more than we sows Keep sowing and with the same measure, expect harvest!
By Omo Ishow

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