Monday, 30 December 2013


The speed at which you travel in this life is dependent on how well you know your route! Your speech in life will be hampered if you don't know the route to your destination. When you don't know the route to your destination, you will keep stopping on the highways of life to ask for direction which will definitely delay the time of your arrival.

Many people are stranded in life because they are in the middle of nowhere, and the
people they are asking for direction are misdirecting them.  The end result is that they are confused of where to follow.
To move into next year without a clear cut vision will guarantee the replication of this year's achievement. If you don't know where you are going everywhere will look like it. To keep living the same lifestyle and expecting a different result next year is simply an illusion! To change your result you must change your strategy. If you are size plus, what size do you desire next year?

 Write it down. Do you want to build a new house next year? Write it down. How much do you want to see in your account next year? Be specific. Write it down. How close do you want to be with God next year? Do you want to read the Bible from cover to cover? Kindly write it down.

Do you want to change your job or rather become an entrepreneur? Write it down. Kindly add other things I did not mention on a clean sheet of paper. For the next few days, spend at least one hour a day to visualize on those things you have written down. Enter into that new house, see your weight loss, and see that money in the account with the eye of your mind. Repeat it many times and believe what you are saying.
Keep soaring and be blessed.

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