Sunday, 29 December 2013


1. Always Define your Friendship with anybody, everybody and even God and decide how to live it out...for you don't necessarily need every dick and harry as a friend.

2. State your Stands and Principles early enough, it must be breathed out of Godly Spirit; and let men know who you're...that way you're not going to be offered peanuts or irrelevances.

3. You can't walk with God, if you're not ready to let God work thoroughly through and in you...for He is the Master builder and finisher.

4. I strongly believe that Everything a man needs are right in the inside of you...Pay strict carefulness to observe and birth forth that instrumental gifting in you...that way you're going to be known as a blessing to your generation.

5. I've always said to young people around me, it’s not really money, fame or best attires you need; but GOD.

These are but a few words of mine that I’ve seen, proven and living by, and if by the mercies of God we try to live by then, we will save our head and heart, much headache, frustration and disappointments.

By Ovie Best

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