Friday, 31 January 2014


When I realised how much God has empowered me to accomplish here on earth, I instantly deleted the word impossible from the dictionary of my mind.
Walt Disney, the man who changed the face of the entertainment more than any other single person was widely regarded as the impossible thinker. He was the one that said, "it's kind of fun doing the impossible" He was such a strong impossibility thinker that if he told his men that they were going to do something and all of them got excited about it and said "yes let's go for it, we can do it," he will change his mind and decide on something else. If he shared an idea with them and they complained and said is not possible, there is no way we can do that, he would get excited and tell them, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO. 

And he will apply himself, drive his people to work, encourage them until the impossibility is done.
There is nothing that makes life very interesting than stretching out and doing things that you have never done before. Stop complaining that things are not moving, go out there, learn new things and the impossible will be possible. The Wright brothers flew right through the smoke screen of impossibility. They refused to believe that it is impossible to fly. What is it before you today that look impossible, pregnancy, job, business etc: get excited, that is what your God specializes in doing. From this day, delete the word "IMPOSSIBLE" from your dictionary of the mind and dare to proceed in the mist of life challenges.
Keep soaring and be blessed.

Enjoy this song and dance All Things Are Possible: -By Centered Kids Company from The Centre School of Dance see the video below.

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