Sunday, 30 March 2014

When storms are raging all around you, He covers you!

I recently heard someone tell this very interesting story -
A young boy went to visit a friend and while he was there playing, a storm erupted. The boy couldn’t go home of course as he would be caught in the rain and he sat there waiting quietly. Minutes later, his father came round to walk him home. He brought a very big thick coat with which he covered his son. As they walked home, the boy was in engulfed in darkness and all he could see were his shoes. He had no idea where he was going, but walked with his father anyway. After some time they got to the house and the father removed the big coat. The young boy was safely home and he was dry!
Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and in ‘darkness’? Does it sometimes feel as if there is a storm raging all around you? Do you realise that that time when it is dark is actually because God throws His covering around you to protect you from the storm so you won’t get wet? And then He safely leads you home, hallelujah!!! It may look dark right now, you may not know where you are going but trust that God holds your hand and is safely leading you to the place of your destiny. He is shielding you from what is worse and all you can see is what is bad? Hmmm, if only God can open our eyes to see, we will be thankful all the time!

Psalm 91:4 - He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. NIV
Psalm 107:29 - He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed.
Isaiah 4: 5-6 - Then the LORD will create over all of Mount Zion and over those who assemble there a cloud of smoke by day and a glow of flaming fire by night; over everything the glory[ will be a canopy. 6 It will be a shelter and shade from the heat of the day, and a refuge and hiding place from the storm and rain.
Isaiah 25:4 - You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in their distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat. For the breath of the ruthless is like a storm driving against a wall
Have a blessed weekend.
By sis Deby

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