Thursday, 26 June 2014

Haters are not outside, Enemies are not strangers!

Haters are not outside, enemies are not strangers. This is a post I read somewhere on facebook. We naturally have two sets of people, those that believe everybody is the enemy and those who believe otherwise. Each believes the other set is too extreme. Today's passage is about an enemy who was not a stranger, who was In-fact a blood relative, a son, a most loved son!
2 Sam 15 : 1-6.
Absalom didn't just create an uprising against his dad, he planned it for years. He strategized and worked towards his goal. All through what was to bring the a-shame, disgrace, defeat, death of his dad, David remained ignorant of the plan that was sure to end him I'm sure many can identify with this.
 I know when your trusted confidants are the ones plotting against you and you remain in their midst unaware. There is nothing we can do to eliminate such people from around us totally, as the bible says the heart of man is desperately wicked, and there is a saying in literature that says there is no art that knows the heart of man. How then do we keep safe in the light of this? David had an informant, even among the plenty people that decamped to Absalom's side. Who is your informant? 

Who tells you of secret things to come? Who do you depend on in the camp of the enemy to let you in on plans against you?vs 13. David developed a strategy immediately, the strategy was to remove himself to a safe place together with his household which included his servants, i.e protection of life was urgent. What happens to you in time of trouble? Do you fall apart? Weep endlessly? Complain to people who've got no solution? Or take immediate action to protect yourself and your household. He personally monitored those who crossed over to safety with him
 vs 19-22. He placed people in strategic places to ensure he was kept up to date with the activities of his enemy. He prayed, he placed a mole in the camp of the enemy. Who is your mole? All those who remained faithful to David Sid not start being faithful that day of trouble, he had earned their loyalty over time before then. What is your relationship with the Holy Spirit? Would you just call on him out of the blues on the day of trouble? Would you even understand how he speaks when you've not accustomed yourself to hearing? David refused to be distracted by opposition on his way to safety, he still hoped in God, he never lost hope, even though he was removing himself from danger. His prayer became answered, Ahitophel's counsel was turned into foolishness and God gave David victory. What happens to you when it seems the gates have been opened to your oppositions? Stop weeping, take action, prayerfully bring yourself to safety, don't loose hope in God, you will win this battle.
By Dunni

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