Thursday, 31 July 2014


One of the world’s latest and deadliest diseases is Ebola it is introduced into the human population through close contact with the blood, or other bodily fluids of infected animals. It is spread in the community through human-to-human transmission. It was also documented that through the handling of infected fruits and animals it can be contacted.
It is not new that the world is now full of deadly diseases and one of the best ways to prevent and control all these deadly diseases can begin from family unit. Gone are the days when couples will be too careless about each other and their children. Communication and togetherness are very essential in marriage these days. Information can be easily shared in a home where there is emotional availability of both parents. A father who is emotionally available can save his home from deadly diseases. Mothers, don’t be too careless and busy at the expense of the welfare of your home. Children need information and how can they get it when you not emotionally available.

No licensed vaccine for EVD (Ebola Virus Diseases) is available. Several vaccines are being tested, but none are available for clinical use. Sir & Ma, your marriage can be saved if it can have more of your love, availability, emotional connection, communication, adequate fatherly and motherly roles, responsibilities and tender loving care. Be available to order the steps of your children on a right path. God heals but our responsibilities as couples and parents also counts.
Hold your wife’s hand with your children and let love bind you against any deadly disease.
Exo 15:26 Then he said, "I am the LORD your God, and I cure your diseases. If you obey me by doing right and by following my laws and teachings, I won't punish you with the diseases I sent on the Egyptians."
May the GOD of Heaven save you and your household from deadly diseases of this time in JESUS name.

By Ojo.

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