Sunday, 24 August 2014


May the LORD our God be with us, as He was with our fathers. May He not leave us nor forsake us. 1 Kings 8:57
It is sad that even though there are many strong assurances in the Bible of God's abiding presence, angelic protection, and divine provision, too many of us still worry ourselves with many things.
Instead of affirming God's promises for our lives, we choose to meditate on all the evil that Satan could bring upon us.
How often have we missed God's blessing because we are so full of fear that there is no room for faith to appropriate God's promises?
Some of us wake up in the morning and set the wheels of worry rolling. Instead of setting our minds on the goodness of the Lord and what He will do for us, we cripple ourselves with fear and worry.
We make our burdens heavier and more unbearable with negative speculations and "what ifs". It is amazing the things we worry about: "Will my car make it to work? Will I get sick? Will I get fired?
Will I have an accident? Will I make it home again safely? Will my home be here when I come back? What about the children, my spouse?
On and on we go as we poison our souls and squeeze God out of the equations of our lives.
Just as faith will release the power of God to fulfill our desires, fear will activate the forces of evil to turn your worries into reality.
If you dwell on all the negative "what ifs", your worries will drive you into a state of panic. In that state of panic, you will begin seeing your fears come true.

You worry that you are going to get ill. The worry causes your stress level to rise, which in turn, brings on all kinds of physical symptoms that will eventually make you ill.
Today, make a choice to start a faith-filled life that is focused on the promises of God for your life.
Prayer: I reject the spirit of fear and embrace the spirit of faith.
Scriptural Reading: 1. Kings 8:54-61

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