Monday, 25 August 2014


It is the joy of every child seeing their old parents living in harmony, relating as if they just married yesterday. Marriage is always sweet at old age especially when the couples maintain the integrity and standard of marriage. Before marriage grows old as expected, many waters might have passed under the bridge. The time of sacrifices are uncountable, what of several sleepless night due to one’s spouse behavior, the time you will go on compulsory fasting when you cannot put something on the table for your children to eat, the rolling tears when the challenge seems unending, threat of intruder is also there, families and in-laws disagreements are not left out, disappointment and heartbroken will also show up, fear of unknown future etc. likewise, we have time of joy and happiness. The experiences of marriage before it grows old is not always smooth, but if you can open your mind, it is a school of life that worth passing through.
One of the best legacy parents can leave for their children is to live in harmony till old age. Therefore, make every effort to see that your marriage work out. It is demanding but you can put in your best.
If you can endure so many things now, you will be praised by everybody especially your children when the time comes. If you have never been appreciated or recognized by your spouse before, keep doing the good work, your testimonies will surely attract standing ovation and you will be called out with your shoulder raised high. You can think of so many things you are passing through now, all are to make up your testimonies when the time comes.
Marriage is a beautiful home of two souls that are joined together in love, with the crown of victory worn over troubles and trials, and voices blend with the loved ones.
Marriage may grow old, but the love in marriage never grows old.
May the GOD of Heaven makes your children great in life and be the great reward of your marriage. May He make you and your spouse live long to gray hair to witness the joy of marriage at old age.

By Ojo

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