Thursday, 25 September 2014

Recipe: Make A Stunning Soap Cake

To make this stunning cake of soaps first you have to take clear soap base and melt it. Then add any oil to it that you like such as olive or almond oil. You can also give it a fragrance with fruit or any other extracts that you use for food too. Then add food coloring to it depending upon the fragrance you have used.

For the next step let’s say if you have used orange extract and orange food coloring then pour the mixture in a silicone orange slices mold. Melt more soap base, add oil and color that you like. Pour this into a cake mold. When the first layer is cold.

Then prepare one or two more layers and pour them too over the previous chilled layer. In the end top with the orange slices or any other pieces you have created and your soap cake is ready.

The possibilities to design this soap cake are endless. For more details hop over to &  handmade blog. Give these as lovely gifts to your friends.

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