Thursday, 22 January 2015


I heard a story about a doctor who had had a hectic day at work.
His shift had been so busy, all he wanted to do was go home. He was to take his son out on a father-son time that night....he was looking forward to seeing him. But as the day was nearing the end, he heard the news, his son had been hit by a car and died on the spot.
As he was stepping out of his office, on the way to view where his sons body was laid, the emergency bleep went off. A little boy had been brought in, he was almost at the point of death.
This doctor turned back and ran to attend to the emergency. The father of the sick child screamed at him, saying that he wasn't responding quickly to his son. Putting his sorrow under, he joined the team and they laboured until the sick boy was restored.
As he made a leave of the intensive care unit where the boy was being managed, he was met by the father of the sick child, with tears in his eyes.....asking for forgiveness for his insensitivity.
I heard you lost your son today! And I have behaved towards you in the most insensitive way. The doctor could not hold back the tears......he had done what most people would not do, help others during their own dire need.
Anyone can be nice when they are happy, but there is an attitude that will single you out from everyone else. Choosing to be a blessing in spite of your own need.
Most of us will gladly give out 5000 naira when we have 50,000 naira.
We will offer a hungry man a bottle of coke when we have a banquet to feast on. If you belong to that category, I am sorry, you have common virtues. Unfortunately, you need to do better to get Gods attention.
Let me share something I found....
Luke 5:1-7 CEB
One day Jesus was standing beside Lake Gennesaret when the crowd pressed in around him to hear God’s word. Jesus saw two boats sitting by the lake. The fishermen had gone ashore and were washing their nets. Jesus boarded one of the boats, the one that belonged to Simon, then asked him to row out a little distance from the shore. Jesus sat down and taught the crowds from the boat. When he finished speaking to the crowds, he said to Simon, "Row out farther, into the deep water, and drop your nets for a catch." Simon replied, "Master, we’ve worked hard all night and caught nothing. But because you say so, I’ll drop the nets." So they dropped the nets and their catch was so huge that their nets were splitting. They signaled for their partners in the other boat to come and help them. They filled both boats so full that they were about to sink.
These men had laboured all results to show. They must have paid the FISHING FEE for that night, probably rented some nets, hoping that a good catch will offset their bill and the wives will be happy.
They waited and sweated and nothing happened. They gave up and started cleaning the nets....tired, deflated and discouraged......sleep deprived and totally exhausted.
Then, here comes Jesus, the man who 'wanders everywhere', teaching people all sorts of funny things, He had just woken up from an all night sleeping, fresh and clean, asking for them to loan him their boat!
I mean are tired......and all you need is a clear head to know how to explain to the wife that there is no food money for tomorrow. ..and someone is asking for a lift!
Simon obliged.....thank God he did.....
I am sure that Simon had to stay on the boat or around it whilst Jesus preached on the boat.....SPENDING EXTRA TIME.....on a non-paid job! Imagine, you chose to help someone, they are now delaying you with their own success!
He allowed JESUS use that boat for a short while.....I am sure that Jesus did not use the boat for as long as the fishermen had been on it.....after HE finished using the boat, He decided that their act of simple obedience and selflessness deserved recognition.
In the same way HE asked for a favour, He declared a favour, the favour that turned a tired, laboured unproductive man into an instant millionaire.....
He released the boat......He had his own problems to deal with, but He released what he had in his hands.
Brethren, our world is a selfish world.
People only want to be a part of something that looks like they will get something back instantaneously. But THERE IS A SACRIFICE THAT YOU WILL GIVE THAT WILL GET HEAVEN'S ATTENTION.....It will hurt at times......
Your labour is not enough to sustain you anyway, why dont you lend the boat to Jesus. There are many around you who could do with that which you say is not enough, to them, it will be raw gold. It will meet their need. It will be an answer to their prayers.
Stop looking at just your own needs. .....ask, WOULD YOU NEED MY EMPTY BOAT LORD?
Simon lent Jesus a boat, he partnered with HIM for a harvest of souls. Stop looking to meet only your own needs. That boat that hasnt caught anything in spite of your sweat and stress may soon be sinking with fish, just lend it to the Lord.

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