Wednesday, 15 July 2015


The word 'Chosen' in Hebrew is: BACHIR (Reference: Strong's 972.) in Greek it is: EKLEKTOS (Strong's 1588.) It means to be the elect, to be chosen out. Being chosen by GOD means to be specially hand picked by the creator, it means to be 'intentionally' called.
Prior to my birth, my parents were not exactly expecting me. Most especially my Dad, He was comfortable being the Father of 2, as I already had a Brother and a Sister on earth. However, My Heavenly Father had a plan! My earthly Father ended up having 4 children. You see, GOD already purposed that I would be born at an appointed time to the designated parents He 'chose' for me. He fore-knew me, He predestined me and chose me for a reason. The moment I was born, my Dad said, "This is the will of GOD" because I wasn't expecting her but I know GOD is in charge. So he named me "Oluwa-Fe-eyi" meaning (GOD wants this/The will of GOD). When I grew up and realized the meaning of my name, I was excited and understood that GOD chose me.
Everyone on earth was chosen for one thing or the other. I want you to know that you were intentionally chosen by GOD. However the bible makes us as believers understand that we are not just chosen, we are chosen for Greatness and for Glory. Romans 8:28-30 (...For whom He also Called/Chose, He Justified and them that He Justified, He also 'GLORIFIED'. Most times, Chosen people do not have a choice. People like Abraham, King David, Jonah, Samuel, Saul, Jeremiah, Saul=Paul, Queen Esther and many more.
The bible says in Jeremiah chapter 1 that before we were in our mother's belly, He ordained us. Before our parents knew us, He already chose us. GOD goes further and calls us in (1Peter 2:9) a Chosen Generation, a Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation... I strongly believe that the Chosen generation is 'Now' in this 21st Century. Therefore, I want us to hold fast to the Word of GOD, declaring it everyday that we are Chosen.
The Statement "I AM Chosen by GOD" is very powerful because it aggravates the enemy for he was not chosen for greatness, instead he was rejected. So I urge us to declare it when situations speak contrary, when we do not get chosen for the job we want or chosen by the man/woman we desire or when we do not get the contract we want. We should declare the Word, knowing that we are 'Chosen' for something better and greater than what we could ever imagine.
Have an awesome day, because you are CHOSEN!

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