Thursday, 19 November 2015

Relationship: 10 Simple Daily Prayers for Every Marriage

These are not elongated prayers, but they are effective. Won't you stop daily to pray for your marriage? Isn't it worth it?
1. Dear Lord, grow our love for You daily.
2. Dear Lord, help us to love each other unconditionally.
3. Dear Lord, allow us to respect one another in an empowering way.
4. Dear Lord, teach us how to complete each other, building us into one unit You design.
5. Dear Lord, rid our hearts from grudges or bitterness towards one another, teaching us to forgive readily and extend grace continually.
6. Dear Lord, let us encourage each other to achieve the dreams you give us individually and jointly.
7. Dear Lord, keep us humble, placing each other's needs ahead of our own.
8. Dear Lord, guard our hearts from selfishness and self-centered desires.
9. Dear Lord, protect our marriage from the destruction of outside influences.
10. Dear Lord, make our commitment deeper than our emotions, stronger than the seasons of change and the trials that will come our way.

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