Monday, 9 November 2015

The 'drunken woman'... Read

The little boy who tended the sheep.....
These are few of the names given by people who were supposed to know better. They were names given to people who did not seem good enough. They were the descriptions given to people who were being judged by knowledgeable 'leaders'
By their judgement and calculations, these people did not deserve the good, not to talk of the best.
The mother of Samuel sought an answer.
Sorrowful, she walked into her local church.
She cried her heart to God as she mumbled and moaned.
In deep prayer and communication with God, until approached by PASTOR...
Pastor had the audacity to interrupt this woman.....
Not with a word of comfort or THUS SAYS THE LORD....
But an accusation.....
A woman in need runs to church, to God , a place of refuge and he that was meant to comfort is the one who is killing her with words.....because she did not look like the others, she did not have the countenance of the other church users, who knew to shout loud so all may hear their prayers.
Hannah got up. She was deeply distressed, and she cried bitterly as she prayed to the Lord . Meanwhile, Eli the priest was sitting in his place by the door. “Almighty Lord , look at me, your servant! See my trouble and remember me! Don't forget me! ” She was praying silently; her lips were moving, but she made no sound.
So Eli thought that she was drunk, and said to her, “Stop making a drunken show of yourself! Stop your drinking and sober up!”
“No, I'm not drunk, sir,” she answered. “I haven't been drinking! I am desperate, and I have been praying, pouring out my troubles to the Lord . Don't think I am a worthless woman. I have been praying like this because I'm so miserable.”
“Go in peace,” Eli said, “and may the God of Israel give you what you have asked him for.”
1 Samuel 1:9-11, 13-17 GNB
Its not a thing of the past, its still with us today.
Let me ask you....have you ever looked at an individual and judged them by their looks or by their actions, even without knowing how they got there?
If you answered YES, you are not any different from the knowledgeable who judged wrongly.
The 'appearance of Christianity' makes us look at others as though they are lost eternally.
Our seemingly holy utterances makes us exclude people who may genuinely have encountered God or are seeking Him, but they do not have the typical attitude.
By looking and judging them this way, we miss God. We miss sharing Christ with them, we miss reaching out to those whose faith may be at a dip....because they don't look ' like us'
Hannah , thank God for that woman, decided to explain herself to the PASTOR.....who is so used to sitting at his place, that he has never put himself in anybody's position. She did not take offence....God decided to bless her through the mouth of the same PASTOR....
Sisters, many times, we are judged and misunderstood.
They isolate you because YOUR MARRIAGE DIDN'T though you were in the marriage relationship all by yourself.
They point fingers at you because you are matured singles. ..and its 'her past that is catching up now'
Your face is synonymous with PRAYER REQUESTS. are always in need of prayers.
Don't take offence.....ignore the knowledgeables! Choose to tolerate insult...
Its in the same temple where Hannah was called drunken that she dedicated Samuel.....and the PASTOR SAW IT LIVE AND DIRECT.....
To my sisters who are misunderstood......hold on.....YOUR SOUND OF REJOICING SHALL REACH ALL CONCERNED....its only a mater of time.
To the specialists who know to take their seat and are able to judge from afar.....HOPE YOU KNOW THAT THE SEAT MAY BECOME VACANT....someday..
By Sis Bola.

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