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Friday, 11 March 2016

Prophet challenges lions to a fight, to prove God's power and almost died

A Zion Christian Church prophet who was filled with the Holy Spirit and thought the Lord wanted to use him to show His power over animals, recently challenged a pride of lions to a duel in the Kruger National Park.

Pretoria based man of God, Prophet Alec Ndiwane was with members of of his church in the Kruger National Park where they had gone sightseeing when he suddenly went into a trance and started to speak in tongues. Ahead of them were the lions busy eating their impala.
Prophet Ndiwane must have thought he was the biblical Samsom or Daniel as he opened the car door and charged towards the lions. On seeing the man running towards them, the abandoned their food and ran towards the prophet.

Ndiwane immediately came to his senses when he saw the predators. He turned and ran for his life. But before he could safely reach the confines of the car, one lion had snapped its paws on him causing serious damage to his buttocks. He was saved by the game ranger who fired shots into the air with his gun to scare the lions away.

The injuries the prophet sustained was so severe that he had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery.

"I don't know what came over me," Prophet Ndiwane confessed,"I thought the Lord wanted to use me to show His power over animals. Is it not we were given dominion over all creatures of the earth?" he asked.

Source: Daily Post SA

Sunday, 14 February 2016


Roses are red, violets are blue, Love is truly amazing have a wordeful Valentine's Dayyyyyyy Folks

Enjoy your day and have fun. Remember Jesus's love is everlasting love.

From us all ABS'World.

Thursday, 31 December 2015


Happy new year to our fans and lovely readers. Welcome to year 2016 we thank God for keeping you through 2015. Thanks for being part of our joy as a blogger we do appreciate and celebrate you and you and you.

Have big fun in the new year, From us ASB'sWorld.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Happy New Month of December

Despite all odds, you will get your heart desires before the end of this month of December in Jesus 

Name. All your helpers who have forgotten you will soon begin to show interest in your matter.The Merciful God will shower His uncommon grace upon you and make u glad in all your ways Jesus Name.

Welcome to the new month of December, from us ASB's World.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Happy Independence Day Nigeria!

Happy 55th Independence Day Nigeria! and happy new month to all you. Happy Independence Day Nigeria...and Happy new month to you all, may we experience favour and grace in this new month.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Fun Game

Close your eyes and type your name with one finger in comment box and post the result.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Don't ignore Gods Creation, Origin of Blond Afros in Melanesia

Pay a visit to Melanesia's Solomon Islands, 1800 kilometers northeast of Australia, and you'll notice a striking contrast: about 10% of the dark-skinned islanders sport bright blond afros. Hypotheses about the origins of this golden hair have included bleaching by sun and saltwater, a diet rich in fish, and the genetic legacy of Europeans or Americans. But a new study fingers a random mutation instead, suggesting that blond hair evolved independently at least twice in human history. And other novel genes, including ones with serious health consequences, may await discovery in understudied populations.
Human hair color is a trait usually governed by many genes, but study author Sean Myles, a geneticist at Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Truro, Canada, suspected things might be simpler in the Solomon Islands because he saw almost no variation in shades of blond hair. "It looked pretty obvious to me that it was a real binary trait. You either had blond hair or you didn't," says Myles.Thumbnail
To search for an underlying genetic blueprint, Myles and his colleagues collected saliva and hair samples from 1209 Solomon Islanders. Population genetic studies usually compare thousands of individuals, but the researchers predicted they could detect differences in a much smaller sample because of the stark contrast between the islanders' blond and dark locks. They compared the entire genetic makeup of 43 blond and 42 dark-haired islanders. The two groups, they found, had different versions of a crucial gene, one that coded for a protein involved in pigmentation. Switching one "letter" of genetic code-replacing a "C" with a "T"-meant the difference between dark hair and blond hair. A similar mutation creates blond mice by reducing the melanin content in their fur.Image result for people of the Solomon Islands, known as Melanesian
Blond Solomon Islanders carry two copies of this mutant gene, which is present in 26% of the islands' population, the team will report in tomorrow's issue of Science. The gene is recessive, which means that blonds inherit it from both parents. The researchers did not find the mutation in DNA samples of 941 individuals from 52 other populations around the world, including European countries. "It's a great example of convergent evolution, where the same outcome is brought about by completely different means," says Myles.
The mutation, which has no obvious advantages, likely arose by chance in one individual and drifted to a high frequency in the Solomon Islands because the original population was small, says Jonathan Friedlaender, an anthropologist emeritus at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who was not involved in the study. "This whole area seems to have been populated by very small groups of people making it across these stepping-stone islands, so you do have very dramatic effects in fluctuations of gene frequency."
The results, says Myles, help deconstruct a Eurocentric view of the world in thinking about where blond hair comes from. He hopes the paper will draw attention to the bigger issue of other novel genes that scientists may be missing by concentrating on the genomes of Europeans. "If you can find a gene for blond hair that exists in Melanesia and nowhere else," Myles says, "then there's no reason why those sorts of genes don't exist all over world in underrepresented populations, and affect not only hair pigmentation, but also disease-related traits.""I think it's a very solid study," says Rasmus Nielsen, a population geneticist at the University of California, Berkeley. He says the paper makes a strong case for studying diverse populations. "We're spending millions and millions of dollars to learn a little bit more about the genetic basis of some of the traits that have already been studied in Europeans," he says. "This study illustrates that there is a lot to be gained in human genetics by looking into small, isolated populations."  source.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Popular Inspirational Speaker Nick Vujicic Welcome 2nd Baby Boy

The popular inspirational speaker Nick Vujicic thankful to God for wonderful gift of a baby boy God added to his family Dejan!.  Never lose hope hold on God, He can do the impossible.

Congrats  to Nick Vujicic and his wonderful family.
Photos by Nick Vujicic

Friday, 19 June 2015

The Only Comment on Dylann Roof’s Facebook Photo Will Bring You To Tears

Dylann Roof committed a heinous act on Wednesday night, killing nine at a church in Charleston. His ominous Facebook profile photo is being widely circulated.
Facebook post

There is one comment on that photo. It is from this man:

His name is Marcus Stanley. He is a 30-year-old, award winning gospel musician from Virginia. Marcus has also been shot, eight times. According to his website:
Marcus was shot 8 times at point blank range with a .45 caliber automatic weapon while touring as an initiation act by gang members. Due to the shooting, Marcus became temporarily paralyzed on his right side, lost the ability to walk, and leaving one bullet permanent lodged near his spine. With God’s grace and mercy, Marcus was successfully able to regain the strength to walk and recover most of the feeling in his right arm.
Here is the message he left for Dylann:
Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 11.06.06 AM

Friday, 29 May 2015

Meet the Pregnant Mom Who Competes in Men’s Gymnastics see video

Meet the Mom Who Competes in Men’s Gymnastics

Eight weeks after giving birth to twins, Julia Sharpe slipped into spandex. It was not, however, Spanx. It was a singlet — the attire worn by male gymnasts. And Sharpe, 27, was suiting up to compete as an alumni member of MIT’s club gymnastics team.
Sharpe has been doing gymnastic since she was 2, and as an undergraduate she was the Division III women’s national all-around champion twice before MIT ended its varsity program. After that, she joined the women’s club team. But when she realized that according to NAIGC (National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs) rules, she could compete for either gender — just not both — she switched to the men’s club to help bolster their numbers and pursue a new challenge. (Speaking of new challenges, Sharpe will be competing in the Pittsburgh qualifier of American Ninja Warrior on May 22.)
Sharpe, a mechanical engineer, spoke to the Cut via email about competing as a woman in men’s gymnastics and returning to training and competition after giving birth.
You started out in women’s gymnastics and then made the switch to men’s club at MIT. When and why did you make the switch from the balance beam to the rings?I made the switch to men’s gymnastics after NAIGC Nationals in the spring of 2012. There were several reasons that I decided to switch. The MIT team only sent two male gymnasts to Nationals that year, and it seemed like the team was disappearing (like so many men’s programs these days), so I wanted to help keep it going.
I was also craving a new challenge. Women’s gymnastics at the NAIGC club level uses Level 9 rules [which are less demanding than varsity-level gymnastics rules], so my routines were very watered-down so that I could be super-clean and score well … In men’s gymnastics, I was able to go back to the basics and learn so many new things just from the other people on the team. In women’s gymnastics, I could maybe learn one new skill per year, but in men’s I was learning new skills all the time. Also, I have three older brothers, two of which did gymnastics, and I’ve always wanted to try out their events.
What was hardest part about starting out in men’s gymnastics?Physically, the hardest part was dealing with all the new overuse injuries that come with men’s gymnastics. I went through a phase in high school where I was injured all the time but then my body seemed to accept it. When I started men’s gymnastics, I had to find a new balance. Mentally, I have to admit it was hard not being the best anymore. I was extremely successful in Division III gymnastics in college and at the club level afterward, and in men’s gymnastics I was mediocre on most events, and pretty bad at others.
Is a singlet more comfortable than a leotard? Are there fewer or more wedgies?It is definitely more comfortable! Our uniforms are actually cut with shorts as part of them so wedgies are impossible.
Since you started competing for the men, what has been the reaction you’ve received? From your teammates and others?With the exception of one occasion, I have felt very accepted by everyone I’ve encountered in my time doing men’s gymnastics — from judges to teammates to athletes on other teams to parents of athletes on other teams. The men’s gymnastics community is very welcoming, which is a nice change from women’s gymnastics where I felt like we were pressured into seeing athletes from other teams as our enemies.
The one occasion where I was not welcomed was when our team competed at Springfield College in a competition that invited NCAA varsity teams, college club teams, and local USAG clubs. The Springfield administration would not let me compete because of my gender.
I have definitely seen a difference in reactions from men and women. From other women, the reaction is usually that they are super-impressed and could never do what I’m doing. I wish there was some way I could prove to them that they could if they wanted to! From men, they are also impressed but also seem to take my success as inspiration to get better themselves.
You recently gave birth to twins. Did you train at all while you were pregnant?I trained as much as I could while I was pregnant because I knew I wanted to get back into the gym soon after the babies were born. I pretty much did everything up to ten weeks. I felt pretty exhausted but I pushed through because I knew I didn’t have much time left. At 12 weeks, the doctor told me, “No shear on my uterus,” so I stopped tumbling and vaulting. At about 16 weeks, the contractions started so I was told to stop using my abs. At that point I could mostly just do small swings and handstands, but I tried to continue a strength regimen that didn’t use my abs, and I swam. At 28 weeks, I got put on bed rest for pre‐term contractions, which is pretty common with twins. At 34 weeks, when the babies were mature enough to be born if they decided it was time, I got to come off bed rest, so I did some more handstands, but mostly just walked and did yoga. At 37 weeks, I got put on bed rest again for high blood pressure, so that was the end of exercise pre‐birth.
You returned to competition just eight weeks after giving birth to twins via Csection. Why did you decide to return to
competition so soon after giving birth and compete this season? And what was it like? 
I wanted to be able to compete at NAIGC Nationals this year, so I figured the earlier I start competing, the better, even if I was only doing very basic skills.
When I first started, I couldn’t do backward rolls or forward rolls, which I’ve been doing since before I could remember. For the first week or so, I could barely make a front tuck on floor and I hit my butt on the vault trying to do a handspring. It was confusing because I felt like my body awareness was completely off. I was never where I thought I was; the feedback loop was broken. I definitely felt myself get stronger each week, and now that I have been back for eight weeks, I’m definitely starting to feel more like myself.
I’ve gotten to the point where I can see myself getting back to where I was in just a few months.
Do you think other women could have a future in men’s gymnastics?
Really, I feel like any woman who is willing to put in the time training can be successful at men’s gymnastics especially if they have good basics from years of women’s gymnastics. In my opinion, I think it’s surprising that in this modern age, no one has questioned the fact that there is no “men’s gymnastics” for women and “women’s gymnastics” for men. Why can’t there just be six-event gymnastics (hexagymnastics?) and four-event gymnastics (quadragymnastics?) where men and women don’t necessarily compete against each other, but are at least allowed to do the same sport.

You don’t really see this in other sports, where the men’s version is so completely different from the women’s. Women’s gymnastics evolved the way it did because people believed that women weren’t strong enough to support themselves on their hands for long periods of time like the men can. I think if you watch uneven bars these days, you can see that is definitely not true.Read here And even women who have had children like Oksana Chusovitina [who is 39 and planning to compete at her seventh Olympic Games in Rio] or myself are still capable of being incredibly strong. If I can do men’s gymnastics just eight weeks after giving birth to twins, then there are many other women out there who could do really incredible things in the sport. I really want other women to be able to see that.

Monday, 25 May 2015

More Than 100 Keyboard Shortcuts You Need To Know

Keyboard Shortcuts (Microsoft Windows):

1. CTRL+C (Copy)
2. CTRL+X (Cut)
... 3. CTRL+V (Paste)
4. CTRL+Z (Undo)
5. DELETE (Delete)
6. SHIFT+DELETE (Delete the selected item permanently without placing the item in the Recycle Bin)
7. CTRL while dragging an item (Copy the selected item)
8. CTRL+SHIFT while dragging an item (Create a shortcut to the selected item)
9. F2 key (Rename the selected item)
10. CTRL+RIGHT ARROW (Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next word)
11. CTRL+LEFT ARROW (Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous word)
12. CTRL+DOWN ARROW (Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next paragraph)
13. CTRL+UP ARROW (Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous paragraph)
14. CTRL+SHIFT with any of the arrow keys (Highlight a block of text)
SHIFT with any of the arrow keys (Select more than one item in a window or on the desktop, or select text in a document)
15. CTRL+A (Select all)
16. F3 key (Search for a file or a folder)
17. ALT+ENTER (View the properties for the selected item)
18. ALT+F4 (Close the active item, or quit the active program)
19. ALT+ENTER (Display the properties of the selected object)
20. ALT+SPACE-BAR (Open the shortcut menu for the active window)
21. CTRL+F4 (Close the active document in programs that enable you to have multiple documents open-simultaneously)
22. ALT+TAB (Switch between the open items)
23. ALT+ESC (Cycle through items in the order that they had been opened)
24. F6 key (Cycle through the screen elements in a window or on the desktop)
25. F4 key (Display the Address bar list in My Computer or Windows Explorer)
26. SHIFT+F10 (Display the shortcut menu for the selected item)
27. ALT+SPACE-BAR (Display the System menu for the active window)
28. CTRL+ESC (Display the Start menu)
29. ALT+Underlined letter in a menu name (Display the corresponding menu) Underlined letter in a command name on an open menu (Perform the corresponding command)
30. F10 key (Activate the menu bar in the active program)
31. RIGHT ARROW (Open the next menu to the right, or open a sub-menu)
32. LEFT ARROW (Open the next menu to the left, or close a sub-menu)
33. F5 key (Update the active window)
34. BACKSPACE (View the folder one-level up in My Computer or Windows Explorer)
35. ESC (Cancel the current task)
36. SHIFT when you insert a CD-ROM-into the CD-ROM drive (Prevent the CD-ROM from automatically playing)

Dialog Box - Keyboard Shortcuts:

1. CTRL+TAB (Move forward through the tabs)
2. CTRL+SHIFT+TAB (Move backward through the tabs)
3. TAB (Move forward through the options)
4. SHIFT+TAB (Move backward through the options)
5. ALT+Underlined letter (Perform the corresponding command or select the corresponding option)
6. ENTER (Perform the command for the active option or button)
7. SPACE-BAR (Select or clear the check box if the active option is a check box)
8. Arrow keys (Select a button if the active option is a group of option buttons)
9. F1 key (Display Help)
10. F4 key (Display the items in the active list)
11. BACKSPACE (Open a folder one level up if a folder is selected in the Save As or Open dialog box)

Microsoft Natural Keyboard Shortcuts:

1. Windows Logo (Display or hide the Start menu)
2. Windows Logo+BREAK (Display the System Properties dialog box)
3. Windows Logo+D (Display the desktop)
4. Windows Logo+M (Minimize all of the windows)
5. Windows Logo+SHIFT+M (Restore the minimized windows)
6. Windows Logo+E (Open My Computer)
7. Windows Logo+F (Search for a file or a folder)
8. CTRL+Windows Logo+F (Search for computers)
9. Windows Logo+F1 (Display Windows Help)
10. Windows Logo+ L (Lock the keyboard)
11. Windows Logo+R (Open the Run dialog box)
12. Windows Logo+U (Open Utility Manager)
13. Accessibility Keyboard Shortcuts
14. Right SHIFT for eight seconds (Switch Filter-Keys either on or off)
15. Left ALT+left SHIFT+PRINT SCREEN (Switch High Contrast either on or off)
16. Left ALT+left SHIFT+NUM LOCK (Switch the Mouse-Keys either on or off)
17. SHIFT five times (Switch the Sticky-Keys either on or off)
18. NUM LOCK for five seconds (Switch the Toggle-Keys either on or off)
19. Windows Logo +U (Open Utility Manager)
20. Windows Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts
21. END (Display the bottom of the active window)
22. HOME (Display the top of the active window)
23. NUM LOCK+Asterisk sign (*) (Display all of the sub-folders that are under the selected folder)
24. NUM LOCK+Plus sign (+) (Display the contents of the selected folder)

MMC Console keyboard shortcuts:

1. SHIFT+F10 (Display the Action shortcut menu for the selected item)
2. F1 key (Open the Help topic, if any, for the selected item)
3. F5 key (Update the content of all console windows)
4. CTRL+F10 (Maximize the active console window)
5. CTRL+F5 (Restore the active console window)
6. ALT+ENTER (Display the Properties dialog box, if any, for the selected item)
7. F2 key (Rename the selected item)
8. CTRL+F4 (Close the active console window. When a console has only one console window, this shortcut closes the console)

Remote Desktop Connection Navigation:

1. CTRL+ALT+END (Open the Microsoft Windows NT Security dialog box)

2. ALT+PAGE UP (Switch between programs from left to right)
3. ALT+PAGE DOWN (Switch between programs from right to left)
4. ALT+INSERT (Cycle through the programs in most recently used order)
5. ALT+HOME (Display the Start menu)
6. CTRL+ALT+BREAK (Switch the client computer between a window and a full screen)
7. ALT+DELETE (Display the Windows menu)
8. CTRL+ALT+Minus sign (-) (Place a snapshot of the active window in the client on the Terminal server clipboard and provide the same functionality as pressing PRINT SCREEN on a local computer.)
9. CTRL+ALT+Plus sign (+) (Place a snapshot of the entire client window area on the Terminal server clipboard-and provide the same functionality as-pressing ALT+PRINT SCREEN on a local computer.)

Microsoft Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts:

1. CTRL+B (Open the Organize Favorites dialog box)
2. CTRL+E (Open the Search bar)
3. CTRL+F (Start the Find utility)
4. CTRL+H (Open the History bar)
5. CTRL+I (Open the Favorites bar)
6. CTRL+L (Open the Open dialog box)
7. CTRL+N (Start another instance of the browser with the same Web address)
8. CTRL+O (Open the Open dialog box,the same as CTRL+L)
9. CTRL+P (Open the Print dialog box)
10. CTRL+R (Update the current Web page)
11. CTRL+W (Close the current window)

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Why is the child in hands of the beggar always sleeping?

This is an article I came across months ago. We are not sure of the author, however, we’ve checked the authenticity of this with our followers in Bangkok and Cambodia. Surprisingly, this seems to be true, and their request, is only to offer beggars food and water – not money. Any help you can give in terms of their needs are just fine. But make sure you do not hand over big bills, that will keep the begging industry going. You should be wise enough to know whom to help and how to help. Make your decision based on the situation and knowing it well enough.
“Near the metro station, sits a woman of uncertain age. Her hair is confused and dirty, her head bowed in grief.
The woman sits on the dirty floor and next to her lies a bag. Into that bag, people throw money. In the woman’s hands, asleep, is a two year old baby. He is in a dirty hat and dirty clothes
“Madonna with baby” – numerous passers-by will donate money. The people of our kind – we always feel sorry for those less fortunate. We are ready to give unfortunate people our last shirt, the last penny out of our pocket and never think another issue. Helping, seems like a “Good job done.”
I walked past the beggar for a month. I did not give any money, as I knew that this is a gang-operated scam, and that money collected by the beggar, will be given to whoever controls beggars in the area. Those people own numerous luxury properties and cars. The beggar also gets something, of course, “A bottle of vodka in the evening and a döner kebab.” A month later, walking past the beggar, a shock suddenly hit me….
I’m standing at a busy crossing, staring at the baby. He is dressed, as always, in a dirty track suit. I realized that it seemed “wrong”, finding a child in a dirty underground station from morning to evening. The baby was always asleep. He never sobbed or screamed, he always slept, burying his face in the knee of a woman who was his MUM.
Do any of you, dear readers, have children? Remember how often they slept at the age of 1, 2 or 3 years old? An hour, two, maximum three (and never consecutive). An afternoon nap, and there was always movement. For the whole month, every day I walked to the underground station, I never saw the child awake! I looked at the tiny little man, with his face buried in the knee of his mother, then at the beggar, and my suspicion was gradually formed. “Why does he sleep all the time?” I asked, staring at the baby.
The beggar pretended not to hear me. She lowered her eyes and hid her face in the collar of her shabby jacket. I repeated the question. The woman again looked up. She looked somewhere behind my back, tired with utter irritation. Her look was similar to the creatures from a different planet.
“F *** off,” her lips murmured.
“Why is he asleep?!” I almost cried.
Behind me, someone put their hand on my shoulder. I looked back. An old man was looking at me disapprovingly:
“What do you want from her? Can’t you see how hard she’s got it in her life? Eh?”
He took some coins from his pocket and threw them in the beggar’s bag. source 
The beggar made a cross by waving her hand, portraying the face of humility and universal grief. The guy removed his hand from my shoulder and strolled out of the underground station. I bet, at home, he will tell how he defended poor, distraught woman from a soulless man in a tube station.
Next day, I called a friend. He was a funny man with eyes like olives. His nationality – Romanian. He only managed to complete three and a half years of education. His lack of education did not prevent him from moving around the City streets in expensive foreign cars and live in a “small” house with a countless number of windows and balconies. From my friend, I managed to find out that the beggar is part of a business. Despite the genuine appearance, it is clearly organized. It is supervised by organized crime rings. The children used are “rented” from families of alcoholics, or simply stolen.
I needed to get the answer to my question – Why is the baby always sleeping? And I received it. My friend explained it to me, casually and with a calm voice that twisted me in shock, just like he was talking about weather report: “They are on heroin, or vodka.”
I was dumbfounded. “Who is on heroin or vodka?!”
He answered, “The Child, so he doesn’t scream. The women will be sitting whole day with him, imagine how he might get bored?
In order to make the baby slept the whole day, it pumped up with vodka or drugs. Of course, children’s bodies are not able to cope with such a shock. And children often die. The most terrible thing – sometimes children die during the “working day”. And imaginary mother must hold another dead child on her hands until the evening. These are the rules. And the by passers-by will throw some money in the bag, and believe that they are moral. Helping the mother alone.”
The next day, I was walking near the same underground station. I built up journalistic confidence and was ready for a serious conversation. But the conversation didn’t work out. Instead, it turned out the following way … the woman was sitting on the floor and in her hands she was holding a different child. I asked her a question about the documents of the child, and, most importantly, where was the child from yesterday. She simply ignored me. My questions were not ignored by passers-by though. I was told that I was out of my mind, questioning a poor beggar with a child. Eventually, I was escorted out of the station in disgrace. The one thing that remained was to call the police. When the police arrived, the beggar with the baby had disappeared. I stood with a full sense of “trying to fight windmills.”
When you see in the subway, or on the street, women with children, begging, think before your hand them your money. Think about it, that if it wasn’t for your hundreds of thousands of handouts, the business like this would have died. The business would die and not the children, pumped full of vodka or drugs. Do not look at the sleeping child with affection… See horror… Since you are reading this article, you know now why the child is sleeping in beggars hands.
If you copy this article on your wall or just click “Share”, your friends will read it too.
And when you decide again to open your wallet to throw a coin to a beggar with a sleeping child,
remember that this charity could cost another child’s life.”

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

ASB-World: Congratulations to Nigeria President elect Gen Buhari

Congratulations to the new Nigeria President elect Gen. Mohammadu Buhari, we ASB-World pray that God Almighty will grant you wisdom and knowledge  to direct the country right. Congratulations once again.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Peaceful Elections We Prayed

We declared peaceful elections in Nigeria today, pls Nigerian vote wisely

From us ASB-WORLD.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Pastor Benny Hinn: My heart is weak but there's no heart disease OR attack

Benny HinnOn March 25, Steve Strang interviewed Benny Hinn and his daughter Jessica Hinn-Koulianos regarding his recovery after being rushed to the emergency room on March 20. Here is an edited transcript of that exclusive interview.
Strang: Tell me what happened to your heart.  
Hinn: My heart was in AFib for months. (That's what the doctor said.) When a heart is doing 200 beats a minute or close to it, it stops giving oxygen. You're not getting your blood going where it should go. So, slowly, over five days my organs were filling up with fluid. I was basically losing function in my organs. And my heart, my lungs were filling up with fluid. So when I came back from Brazil, not realizing it, I was basically drowning in my own fluid.
Eating became a very scary challenge because even eating, my strength was not there. I was fatigued. It was really frightening. But, you know, finally my daughter came and said, "You're going to the doctor now." That was on Friday. We found the top specialist here in Orange County and he looked at me, not even five minutes and he put me in the ambulance. He didn't even talk. He just said, "You're going now."
So they rushed me in on Friday. I was so full of fluid that I was actually dying without realizing it. And I could (have), there was a lot of activity around me. One nurse, for example, was trying to talk to another and she screamed back at her, "I'm trying to save his life." And I thought they were talking about someone else. I didn't realize this was all about me.
So then, they put me immediately in ICU and began a work and began to drain me out of all these fluids, kidneys, liver, the lungs. And they had to bring my heart under control because it was in AFib, Atrial Fib. And they tried tests, you name it, to me. I've been exhausted with tests. You think about it, they did it.
So today is the first day that the sun is shining again somewhat. It will shine more I'm sure later, but ... And then they told me that I have an enlarged heart because of the, well they weren't sure at first if it was the AFib or something other was causing it. So when I asked how enlarged was it, he said, "Significantly." So it was scary. That was day before yesterday.
So they, of course, began to treat the heart immediately, brought the AFib under control and when the AFib came under control, the medication and naturally they used other meds to flush me out. It took about four days before the liquids were almost (normal), only yesterday, I think, they told me. They said yesterday my liquids were normal, or I don't have any liquids in my lungs, I have no liquids in any other organs. And so now, what they have to do, and this morning they shocked me. They did it (a couple of days ago) but it didn't work and the doctor said (it was) because my heart was too weak.
Strang: So is this like shocking your heart after someone has a heart attack?
Hinn: No. They were not shocking because I was dying. They were trying to shock my heart back into rhythm. What they do is they can shock the heart back, or they try to shock it back into rhythm. If that doesn't work then they put you on medication for a period and then you can choose to do what is called ablation. Ablation. Basically, they go in and they burn the cells in my heart that are causing the rapid heart rate. So today, they came in at 8:00 and they shocked me again and, thank God, it helped. It took. So I have been in normal rhythm now for two and a half hours.
Strang: Explain about a heart attack, because The Christian Post online reported that you had a heart attack.
Hinn: No. I had no heart attack. Absolutely. That's false. I asked the doctor myself. Yesterday they took me in. They put that thing inside my body, you know, angiogram and they took pictures. And they put me in a big tube and all that, day before that and said they didn't see any sign of a heart attack or such things—no blockage. But they wanted to absolutely make sure, so yesterday they took me down and they put this thing from my leg up and they took, whatever. I don't know how they do it. But afterward, they told me, in no uncertain terms, that I have had no heart attack. My arteries are absolutely clean. There's no heart disease whatsoever. And I am, my heart itself is extremely healthy. My heart is weak but there's no heart disease. I'm 63 years old and I hardly have any plaque in my heart, so it's a healthy heart, thank God.
Strang: So if that's the case, why was it so bad that the nurse was saying they were trying to save your life?
Hinn: OK because, see, when I came in, my heart had been in irregular rhythm for so long that I was basically drowning because of the fluid. My heart was not able to get blood into certain parts of the body properly and get oxygen where I needed properly. I would love for you to talk to one of the doctors. Here's one of them coming in right now.
Strang: It's official. No heart attack.
Hinn: No, never. But you know, the news media will say what they want to say to create some kind of drama, but absolutely no heart attack, thank God. My heart is beating now regularly. They did not put me on medication and they want to keep it that way and God knows what the future holds, but the good thing is I have a healthy heart and we just want to make sure the AF is under control and doesn't come back. That's all.
Note:  Then I talked to Jessica Hinn-Koulianos and said that the doctor confirmed that it was not a heart attack.  
Jessica:  It really wasn't. I'm telling you, I don't lie. It was not a heart attack and they confirmed it with many tests to make sure. You can have silent heart attacks, so that's not a lie, but that's why they confirmed it and they said no, that was not the case. The arteries look good. Everything, even the enlarged heart. They're ruling out everything, so yesterday they did that test to make sure the arteries aren't clogged, and they said that's not the reason.  
All the doctors have reasoned that it was the enlarged heart—that the heart was weak. The reason for the fluid is all related to the AF. He's been in AF probably for a month or two, so his heart was running a marathon and he had no idea. He thought he was tired and he was exhausted from Brazil, and when you do that your body starts to shut down, so getting him here and controlling that rhythm, that changed everything. Now his organs are all normal. The fluid is gone. The heart will go back to normal size within time and it will get stronger every day and the fact that what they did today.
It does sound scary, but it's nothing less than when they bring you back to life. It's very miniscule amounts of shock. It didn't work the other day, which showed that his heart was weak and we got a little more concerned, but it worked today. The doctor said that's a sign that his heart is getting stronger.  
Everything's getting better and it's a very good sign that it did work. So today's a good day. We turned a corner and even the doctor said we're out of the critical stage now. We're turning a corner. They're going to send him home to rest. Today was a good day. It's my birthday and it's all I wanted for my birthday, and I told him God answered all our prayers and he wanted me to tell you because the prayers of people are working. Every day he's getting stronger and today's the best day yet. Great day yesterday with no clogged arteries, that was a great report and then today with the heart, it took and we didn't even know if it would—and it might not have, but it did. 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Prayer for Pastor Benny Hinn, Hospitilized for Heart Problems

The family of Benny Hinn is asking for prayers after the televangelist was hospitalized Friday upon returning from a trip to Brazil.

"After he arrived home he suddenly began battling fatigue and shortness of breath," wrote his daughter, Jessica Hinn Koulianos,in a letter  posted to the Benny Hinn Ministries website.

"For those of you who know my Dad, you know that he never stops; so when he spent over a week in bed, we knew something was wrong," Koulianos wrote.

Hinn, 62, is being treated for "lack of oxygen in his cardiovascular system."

"At this moment, his physicians are conducting thorough tests, the results of which have been very positive. He is alert and in good spirits, and we expect he will be released later this week," Koulianos wrote.

"By God's grace and with the help of your prayers, we are told to expect a complete recovery," she continued.
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