Friday, 29 August 2014


That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death. Phil. 3:10
In today's society, "passion" usually refers to sensuality or sexuality. But the word's meaning an intense desire toward something or someone can apply to limitless life arenas, including spirituality.
Indeed, the one place passion ought to appear is in the believer's life: we should fervently seek to know the Lord Jesus Christ who saved us.
When we claim to know someone, we often mean that we've accumulated facts about the person or simply are aware of his existence.
Unfortunately, too many Christians "know" Jesus Christ in this superficial way. He is the world's Saviour, the virgin-born Son of God who accepted death in our place and then rose again to sit at the Father's right hand.
Those are the facts, but collecting and sharing data points will not bring lasting satisfaction. Who is this Jesus that willingly died? Why did He give His life?
The quest for these answers begins a journey to intimacy and true knowledge of Christ. By recognizing Jesus as our Saviour, we are blessed with redemption and a basic spiritual relationship.
But though we've gained heaven, we can miss the treasure of experiencing Christ as Lord.
Few people will delve deep enough into Scripture and spiritual intimacy to claim Him as their life as the One who makes believers complete.
The apostle Paul was so intimately acquainted with God that he viewed his own history and experiences as trash when compared with knowing Jesus.
If you want to thirst for Jesus as Paul did, only Scripture and your experience with Him can fuel your passion. Start by opening the Word and drinking Him in.
Prayer: Lord, I want to know You intimately. Open my eyes to see Your beauty and glory in the scriptures.
Scriptural Reading: Philippians 3:3-12

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